Women, Worth & WELLth

Deep Dive Immersion Experience

When Women Know Their Worth, They Exponentially Increase Their WELLth


They also lift up other women, as a result. The create a deep sense of community, where together they become stronger, more influential and more impactful!

We, as women, have so much we carry on our plates ... we put so many burdens on our shoulders, where we tend to carry the bulk of the load for our families, and allow stress, anxiety and overwhelm to consume us too often.

Whether we are a single, entrepreneur, raising a family, or trying to find ourselves as empty nesters or recently divorced, we all the same ... we all still remain women. 

The sense of sisterhood seems to be a lost art. We no longer build deep, rich tribes where we can share our deepest dreams and desires, where we can be seen for who we truly are, and we can be mot vulnerable and free.

This is exactly why I created this deep dive experience, exclusive for women only

This sacred space is YOUR opportunity to connect with similar souls, with women struggling at times to hold their own, who often feel lost in the shuffle, and in many cases, feel like they are really being seen, heard, valued and loved.

We all need a safe place to belong, to connect, to dig deep, and really be seen.

This deep dive immersion is a space I created to bring influential and powerful women to the table together to engage in meaningful conversation and exploration.   

Together, we will engage in activities that help you embrace your true sense of self, your inherent value, your glorious gifts and your sense of self-worth. 

For, when you really understand, acknowledge and embrace your worth, you begin to manifest and experience your ability to create your own WELLth!

WELLth = Women Embracing (self) Love & Leadership

Here's what we will be focused on during our two (2) days together:

  • Sense of Self-Worth: Understand why you matter so much & how to own your voice in the process
  • Inherent Value: Learn how to leverage your unique gifts to create greater influence & impact
  • Boundaries: Explore & establish what is ok for you, what is not; what is safe for you, what is not
  • Vulnerability & Shame: Gain access to tools & strategies to release old stories & programming 
  • Self-Care: Learn how to fill your five WELLs to live a life filled with more peace, joy, & abundance

This is an invitation only space designed to bring six (6) women together who are  committed to tapping into their true power, to understanding their real value, to developing a deeper, more meaningful sense of community, and to lifting other women in the process. 

I believe YOU are one of these women! Won't you join us ...


Details for this Experience:

This 3-day experience will be held in Austin, TX as an intensive retreat (think girls get-away). This experience is designed to create a safe, intimate, interactive and casual space for our work together, along with building a deep sense of community and engagement. 

  • The retreat will kick-off with a special afternoon program at 1:00 PM CST
  • A healthy dinner will be provided on Day #1
  • We will then start at 9:00 AM CST on Day #2, with breakfast at 8:00 AM CST 
  • A healthy breakfast & lunch will be provided on Day #2
  • A healthy breakfast, lunch & dinner on Day #3 will be provided
  • We will end by 4:00 PM CST on Day #3 afternoon (plan flights accordingly)
  • There will be big breaks for integration, play & networking 
  • All meals, snacks & materials will be provided  (healthy & gluten-free)

* It is encouraged that you stay at the retreat location for a deeper & more expansive experience.

** We will do our best to accommodate all dietary restrictions, needs & requests for meals & snacks.

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Join other amazing women for this 3-day deep dive immersion workshop. Spots WILL fill up quickly!

Nov. 5-7 2020 in Austin, TX


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Nov. 5-7, 2020 in Austin, TX




ALL meals, materials & lodging (travel on your own

Only 6 spots left!

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