Make Your SOUL Purpose Your SOLE Purpose

3-Month 1:1 Activation Coaching Package with Candy Barone

Imagine if you could access your own unique energetic blueprint that outlines how you were wired to give you access to more and help you create greater impact ...

And, then imagine if you could take what you know and connect it powerfully to an active visualization where you could easily manifest the things you desired most ...

In this 3-month jumpstart 1:1 coaching package, you will gain insights you need to understand how to activate your unique human design map and energetic blueprint. You will also get a customized Life Script created for you personally to open up higher level access to your desires.

You will be guided through tools, strategies and coaching to bring your vision, design and SOUL's purpose to life, to open up greater access to more joy, freedom and prosperity!


What you will receive:

Access your unique Human Design Map, which will provide you with a powerful energetic SOUL Blueprint. This comprehensive assessment will illustrate your individual wiring to better understand how to leverage and bring your gifts fully into the world!

You also will get a customized Life Script created specifically for you. This tool creates an active visualization process that creates a powerful way to manifest all you truly desire.

You will receive a total of seven (7) powerful 1:1 coaching sessions with Candy to access your Human Design Map, your energetic SOUL Blueprint, and to create and deliver your personalized Life Script.

Key deliverables:

  • Customized D.R.E.A.M.™ Framework
  • Human Design Map Analysis
  • Understanding Your What, Why & Who
  • Connect to Your Standards of Integrity
  • Activate Your "Ikigai" (purpose)
  • "Create the Dream" Discovery Session
  • Customized Life Script
  • Create an Inspired Action Plan (essential habits / discipline) 


Note: you also will receive a full written assessment that outlines the findings of your Human Design Map, your energetic SOUL Blueprint, and receive an electronic copy of your Life Script.

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