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Activate Your Human Design Map, Energetic SOUL Blueprint & Customized Life Script (paid-in-full)

You will receive a total of seven (7) powerful coaching sessions with Candy Barone to access your Human Design Map, and to create and deliver your personalized Life Script.

Key deliverables:

  • Human Design Map Analysis
  • Understanding Your What, Why & Who
  • Connect to Your Standards of Integrity
  • Activate Your "Ikigai" (purpose)
  • "Create the Dream" Discovery Session
  • Customized Life Script
  • Create an Inspired Action Plan (essential habits / discipline)

Note: you also will receive a full written assessment that outlines the findings of your Human Design Map, and receive an electronic copy of your Life Script.

What People Are Saying:

I was feeling stuck, unsure of myself and my career path and well, my life path in general. I took a few online courses and while I initially felt like I stumbled upon Candy Barone and the Yes Community, I now realize it was all by design…my human design. I am not comfortable with vulnerability or sharing anything about myself or my story and yet I felt this pull, drawing me to sign up for the Women, Worth & WELLth virtual retreat. It was a small group and it was virtual, so that alleviated some of my discomfort around the “sharing” part. If you have ever met Candy or done any work with her, then you know the virtual aspect of this retreat did not stop her or impede her process in any way, shape or form! We each had the opportunity to dig deep and I can honestly say, it was the most freeing and liberating 3 days of my life. In that short time, Candy helped me learn SO much about myself that I instinctively knew the journey could not stop there. I had to learn more about MY HOW and MY WHY…how I am wired, why I do the things I do, why I respond the way I respond. The following week, I signed up to have my Human Design Map and Life Script created. What I learned about how I am wired…MIND BLOWING!! The whole mapping process…shockingly accurate!! It enlightened, validated and confirmed sooooo much for me and Candy was able to take all that information and seamlessly create a Life Script that reminds me every day of my new path, who I am, what I’m here to do and why. I am so thankful to have Candy in my life, walking this journey with me, one day at a time.

Dominique Garcia, Program Manager

Candy is authentic, caring and passionate about what she does and knows her stuff. I gained so many insights during our calls and left with more clarity and confidence each week. I highly recommend speaking to Candy if you are looking for a coach.

Wade Peckham, Coach & Consultant

We hired Candy as our business coach after seeing her speak from stage. She set us on fire with motivation and inspiration. We obviously made the right decision to work with her because, with her guidance, our company has reached a whole new level of success. Candy is brilliant at cutting out the time-wasting activities, creating clear-cut goals along with an effective strategy for making what we offer into profit. Regular consultations with her have proven to be the secret ingredient to our most recent successes. Plus, she's a hoot! What a great sense of humor she has!! We definitely got our return on investment, and then some, with Candy.

Tamara Green, LCSW, Co-Founder

Candy is a consummate professional with a passion for creative problem solving and personal empowerment. Candy has helped me through a difficult career transition by offering thought provoking guidance always challenging me to dig deep to rediscover my true passions and align them with my career goals. I'd recommend Candy in a heart beat to anyone looking to reignite their career path and personal aspirations.

Kyle Davis, Realtor