$297.00 USD

Include a Human Design Chart Foundational Reading

Explore your individual operating plan and tap into the fundamental aspects of your unique energetic blueprint by digging into: Your Type, Strategy, Authority, and Profile 


Also, gain a deeper understanding of the impact and nuances of both the definition and openness within your chart. It's all about how you use energy and become more aligned. 


Add a Human Design Chart Foundational Reading for $111

Decode Your Design by Design for Projectors

In what ways would understanding the operating plan of YOU impact your life?

Access this course designed especially for you, a magical and powerful PROJECTOR, where you will learn how to truly Decode Your Design .. your Human Design, that is!

Breakdown of each module:

  • Session #1: Type + Strategy
  • Session #2: Authority
  • Session #3: The 6 Lines
  • Session #4: The 12 Profiles
  • Session #5: The 9 Centers (Openness vs. Definition)
  • Session #6Head + Ajna Centers
  • Session #7: Throat Center
  • Session #8: G (Identity) + Ego Centers
  • Session #9: Solar Plexus + Spleen Centers 
  • Session #10: Sacral + Root Centers 
  • Session #11Key Leadership Markers