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Imagine Creating Unlimited Possibilities for Your Life ...

Want More from Life?

Each month, I go live four times to offer you the tools you need to dig deep and level up. I help you learn the art and science of saying YES to yourself AND how to effectively destroy the NOISE getting in your way. 

The training is designed is to help you get crystal clear on what matters most and how you choose to serve. My intent is to keep you on track, focused, confident, and high performing in every area of your life.

This monthly program is a MUST-HAVE if you are truly serious about raising your level of leadership, and taking your business and your life to the next level.

YES! I Want Access!

Would you invest $77 to get access to the same transformation coach, trainer and leadership expert as Fortune 500 executives, business owners and entrepreneurs who pay $20,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 a year? 


Then, I want you to consider this ...

You and I both know that there's something amazing, uniquespectacular ... and even magical about you.

Don't believe me? Think about it for a moment ...

You  have a deep desire for something more. You tend to dig into things more than any of your friends ... perhaps you read more, study more, invest in yourself more.

You are curious. You are hungry. You want more.

Am I right? 

You know it's true! And, not only do you want more, in terms of growth, money, abundance and wealth ... you also want more in terms of how you serve.

You want MORE, right? More impact, more fulfillment, more time, more personal freedom and more JOY in you life?

Am I right?

A lot of people talk about what they're going to do ...

And, most people that's all that is ... talk!

Because intention without action is nothing more than lip service.

And, YOU are tired of the lip service!

You are tired of talking about "someday" and what you're "going to do."

You are ready to take massive ACTION!

You know and understand the power of investing in yourself.

When you make a decision, you are all in ... you are dedicated, committed and focused on what you truly want to achieve.

And, you KNOW that you deserve MORE!

You value personal and professional development. You commit to honing your craft and sharpening the saw. And, you never stop wanting to learn and grow.

You CARE DEEPLY about reaching your next level of success.

You are someone who wants to leave a meaningful legacy, who wants to impact and influence others to seek more, as well. You want to serve and give the best of who you are!

You want to make YOUR mark!

I honor you for your commitment, for being here with me now, for continuing to grow and seek MORE!

As a kindred soul, I wonder if you are ready to take it one step further ...

The next level where I can work with you, to coach, train & support YOU on an ongoing basis, every month ... to help you access greater success & fulfillment.

Imagine If You Could 3x Your Growth?

Imagine if you could accelerate your clarity, momentum, focus, action, results and confidence by 3x, 5x or even 10x ... simply by working with me every month?

Each month, I conduct two training sessions to help emerging leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners, like you, learn how to truly step into your passion, purpose and mission to create more impact, more influence and more money.

I light a fire under you, so you can light the fire within you!

I mean, I pack a pretty energized punch ... and give you the "zap" you need to get out of your own way and play a bigger game!

Because the truth is ... we all get inspired, perhaps by a book, a podcast, a workshop or event ... then, what happens?

We lose momentum, we lose our nerve, we run our of steam, our confidence wanes ... and, everything stalls.

This is about helping you take action to create momentum to keep you motivated!

It's time to light that fire!

And, to stoke the fire and keep the embers burning ...

Every top performer, athlete, guru, and highly successful person has a coach, or army of coaches to help them stay in the game.

We all have blindspots.

We all take our foot off the gas. And, we lose momentum. We get frustrated.

We give up. 

That's what I am here for ... to guide you, push you, challenge you, support you, celebrate you, energize you and hold you accountable. 

So, you can keep the MOMENTUM going!

That's why I'm inviting you into my LIVE YES monthly membership program.

  • Each month, I deliver two (2) recorded trainings on targeted topics.
  • You get access to a private membership portal / website for members only.
  • I teach my latest strategies, tools, processes and systems, along with teachings I have extracted from my coaches, mentors and gurus. 
  • I conduct LIVE group and "hot seat" coaching, along with Q&A sessions.
  • I have a private online community (YES Monthly Community) for those who have invested in this monthly training.
  • I also give out recognition prizes & bonuses for students who consistently show up, ask great questions and gain huge progress.
  • Our students report MASSIVE improvement in their clarity, motivation, focus, energy, results and confidence every month.
  • I deliver everything with high energy, commitment, love ... where I truly light that fire under you to help you light the fire within you!

You Get Me EVERY Month

Here's the thing ... you can "try me on" for only $77. And, you can cancel at anytime. If the first month doesn't blown your mind, simply let us know and we'll cancel your membership. Sound good?

To share some perspective, I charge a minimum of $20,000 for a 1-on-1 client. You are getting access to me for 4 hours a month, for ONLY $77 ... pretty good deal, right?

Why only $77, you might ask ... Well, did you know that the number 77 represents personal freedom, happiness, fulfillment, connection to universal energies and alignment to your soul's higher purpose? Talk about amplifying your activation!

"Candy Barone is a powerhouse! If you are looking to hire a yes person ... she is not for you; if you are looking to be a YES person ... you can stop now. She is truly one of the most knowledgeable, energetic and motivational people I know and has help propel my agency to heights I would not have thought possible!"

Luci Temple, Owner / Agent

"Candy is a fireball of positive energy and belief in the change that must happen for those she leads. A no BS approach to making us all better!"

James Williams, Certified High Performance Coach

"Candy is like a neat shot of whiskey! No gimmicks and just straight up! "

Jennifer, Participant at IEEE WIE ILC

"I am SO inspired by Candy Barone!!! An engineer in education, she is SO much more. She inspires so many to own their voice, own their actions and choose leadership. Thank you, Candy, for all your amazing work! "

Deanna Burgart, Professional Speaker & Trainer

"IF YOU are wondering about this Investment of time, Money and If YOU really FIT here....TRUST ME YOU DO!"

Kay Briggs, Owner of The Pink Poppy

"I’d like to point out that Candy truly was the catalyst for all of this. Working with her has been an investment in my future that has already paid for itself several times over"

Lynn Burdick, Owner of Lynn Burdick Designs

Why Am I Doing This?

I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to feel stuck and not know how to take action and move forward. So, I want help you bypass that and accelerate YOUR growth sooner!

My backstory ...

I grew up a military brat and moved around a lot, where I learned to stay a bit detach and be adaptable to my environment ... as it often changed every four years or so. 

In addition, I had an extremely challenging relationship with my dad. Often times, physically abusive ... he was most adept at the mental, emotional and spiritual beatings and tear-downs.. 

For a long time, I felt lost, isolated, and like I wasn't worth anything ...

I was convinced that I wasn't enough.

I didn't think I was smart enough, pretty enough, cool enough, popular enough, funny enough ... that, in every area of my life ... not enough!

I also believed that I was destined to be a "human punching bag" ... so much so that I carried that belief into my corporate career, as well.

One hit after another, I told myself that I was stronger for the attacks, often verbal ... sometimes physical.

I mean that was my story, right?


That was the story I TOLD myself.

It was the programming I had come to hold onto ... the mindset that this was all I was worth based on years and years of experience.

And, I was wrong.

You see ... it happened when I was working for a Fortune 100 company in the "prime" of my career ... I hit rock bottom.

I hit rock bottom HARD!

I was working 80-100 hours a week, killing myself, "selling my soul" for the job ... when I started to have this debilitating pain in my chest. 

I mean the kind that doubles you over and literally kicks your ass.

After I had convinced myself that I was ultimately dying and having a heart-attack (thanks to my self-diagnosis on, I found out I had manifested a mass in my chest.

Yes, you read that right ... manifested a mass!

You see, apparently when we have a massive amount of stress, anxiety, fear and overwhelm paired with exhaustion and burn-out, we also can physiologically manifest stuff in our bodies.

And, that's exactly what I did.

Talk about a WAKE UP call!

That was over 11 years ago ... and, since then I have been on a path to not only change my life and empower myself, but to offer that same guidance to others.

I want to help YOU before you feel stuck, lost or hopeless ... or, if you already there, then I want to provide you the lifeline to realize there's so much more!

To help YOU see that you deserve more! That you are SO worthy!

Let's get real for a moment ... are you caught up on the hamster wheel of life, replaying Groundhog's Day over-and-over again? Caught in the endless cycle of " get up, go to work, get drunk (or do something to take the "edge" off), go to sleep?

Rinse - Wash - Repeat (again, and again, and again)

OK ... maybe you are also dropping the kids off at practice, sitting on the school board, traveling for work, spinning plates, juggling hectic schedules, caring for parents, being active within your community or church ...

And, the list goes on and on!

Ever stop to ask ... just how many plates am I spinning right now?

This is where I come in ... 

Isn't it FINALLY time to say YES to yourself and destroy the NOISE getting in your way?

That's WHY I created this opportunity for you. To invest in yourself for only $97 a month to get the very tools, strategies and mindset mastery that helped me leave a lucrative corporate job AND build a successful, growing multiple 6-figure income a year business ...

All on my terms AND around my dog, Payton!

And, I've also used these strategies with hundreds and thousands of clients, along with Fortune 100 companies and some of the top universities to help them access MORE, by tapping into what matters most.

Now, it's YOUR turn!

It's your turn to say YES you yourself!

Simply click the button below to begin and if you don't love it, then CANCEL and you won't be charged a single dollar more.

Here's What You'll Get ...

Join the YES Monthly Community and get access to all this:

Tools, Resources & Training Modules

Focused training sessions to help you learn the art and science of saying YES to yourself AND how to effectively destroy the NOISE getting in your way to access MORE in your life.

Monthly LIVE Q&A & Coaching Sessions

I conduct& facilitate bi-monthly (2x per month) LIVE group calls, where we engage in real-time group discussions, hot-seat coaching, deep-dive training content, and Q&A.

Private FB Community & Online Portal

I have a private Facebook community for those who have invested in this monthly training. In addition, I have a training portal set up with all the videos, tools & resources.

It's YOUR Time NOW! Are you ready to say YES to yourself?

Click the button below to get started ... let's do this!

YES! I Want to Access YES Monthly for ONLY $77 a month!

CANCEL ANYTIME! Just $77 per month to get the best transformational coach training available for YOU. Cancel at any time simply by replying to any of our emails.


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