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Decode Your Design

Access Your Unique Energetic Blueprint

& Master the Operating Plan of YOU

Launches January 23, 2024

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Quantum Human Design



What is it really?


Don't worry, Human Design is not another label or "box" to force yourself into ...

It's not even who you are.

It's actually the operating plan on how you are. 

Your Investment for the Masterclass


5-Session Masterclass

  • LIVE masterclass calls with Candy
  • Each session is approximately 90 mins.
  • All sessions will be recorded
  • Lifetime access to replays 
  • Private training portal & community
  • Q&A with Candy directly

Launches January 23, 2024

(replays will be available - lifetime access)

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Your Energetic Blueprint

It's not about who you are. It's how you are.

You get to decide the who you are & want to be. 


I have spent the last 5+ years in master-level study to gain a deep comprehension of both Human Design & Gene Keys.

In addition, I have been in practice and studying the Quantum Human Design System (an enlightened, expansive and more embodied language of Human Design), as well. 

As such, I am able to lead my clients through the navigation of their own unique Human Design chart by:

  • identifying their natural superpowers
  • helping them understand how they work, play & rest best
  • spotting where triggers of imposter syndrome show up
  • illustrating where they are most prone for burnout
  • understanding where they absorb the greatest conditioning
  •  highlighting what healthy relationships look life for them
  • mapping out where their key leadership markers are & access their unique leadership love language

In this 5-week masterclass, I will show you how to access a foundational level of understanding of these key areas. 

I will break down each of the foundational elements of the chart, and provide the insight you need to better understand how you operate best & what alignment looks like for you. 

I'm so in!

Benefits of this masterclass

Highlighting the power and magic of engaging in this work


Making Human Design Simple


Studying Human Design can feel dense and overwhelming. And, it can lead you down rabbit hole after rabbit hole, if you let it. 

The way I teach the foundational aspects of your chart brings Human Design into a language that is simple and makes sense.

With this simplicity, I also provide tangible, real-life resources to help you integrate this information to assist you in making more aligned, correct decisions for you. 


Community Engagement


Because it is so easy to lost in the study of Human Design, it also can feel rather isolating ... especially as you are contemplating the different complexities and contexts.

I have found that the discovery process is far easier and much more enjoyable when you can engage in this work with others. 

In creating an interactive and engaged community, we are able to accelerate and amplify our understanding and growth. 


Becoming Aligned AF


Stop trying to find yourself and search for your purpose. You are not lost. You are your purpose.

You have just simply forgotten who you truly are and how to fully come back home to yourself.

This workshop is your pathway back. It's your way to calibrate your own due north for your internal GPS. 

It's your foundation for becoming aligned as f*ck and for living full out, authentically as YOU.

What's included?


Interactive Training Sessions with Q & A

Over 5 sessions, we will dig deep into the key foundational elements of your Human Design chart. When you really understand these elements, you path to becoming aligned AF becomes clear. Just understanding these core pieces can be a significant game-changer.

Here's what we will be covering in each session:

  • Session #1 (Tuesday, 1/23): Type, Strategy & Authority
  • Session #2 (Wednesday, 1/24): The Lines & Profiles
  • Session #3 (Thursday, 1/25): The Centers & Not-Self Themes
  • Session #4 (Tuesday, 1/30): Your Incarnation Cross & Magnetic Monopole
  • Session #5 (Wednesday, 1/31): Key Leadership Markers (Gates & Planetary Elements)


Access Your Individual Human Design Chart

You will either need to run your Human Design chart on an external site, or provide me with the necessary information so that I can run a more in-depth chart for you using my software. 

You will want to have your Human Design chart with you during each sessions to maximize your understanding, to guide you through your contemplations, and to assist you with your integration, as you'll be able to map your own markers along the way as we go. 

Once you register, you will be sent an email with the details for both options. 


Online Training Portal & Private Community

My team and I will be offering lots of ongoing support, in multiple capacities, to help you fully navigate this journey and integrate the material over our 5 weeks together. 

You will be provided with a private training portal that will give you access to all the replays of each sessions. You will have lifetime access to this portal and the replays.

Plus, you will receive additional tools to supplement the training, where applicable. We also will be throwing in a few special bonuses to enhance your overall learning experience.

In addition, we will be setting up a private community for you to ask questions, share insights and your big a-has, and to support others i their journey, as well. Trust me, there is a lot of magic that happens in these group communities and containers!

Your Investment for the Masterclass


5-Session Masterclass

  • LIVE masterclass calls with Candy
  • Each session is approximately 90 mins.
  • All sessions will be recorded
  • Lifetime access to replays 
  • Private training portal & community
  • Q&A with Candy directly

Launches January 23, 2024

(replays will be available - lifetime access)

YEs, I want in!


Testimonials from students

It's truly such an honor to work with these incredible, beautiful souls.

Roxanne had this to say ...

"What an amazing experience I had with the one and only Candy Barone.

If you have not experienced her do what she does and shine her light, boy are you missing out. I learned soooooo much and grew so much as a person.

The leadership and life lessons she taught are game changing. The people that she brings together hold space for each other to dig deep and play big. She is masterful with her energy and the right kind of people gravitate toward her.

I met some of the most wonderful, inspirational, life changing people this week. My cup overfloweth.  Thank you Candy.

I know that had I not shown up at this workshop then I wouldn’t truly know what I was missing. AND because I did, I can now REALLY SHOW UP in life.

Go big or go bigger. You rock Candy. Love u!"

Here's what Dominique shared ...

"I can honestly say, it was the most freeing and liberating workshop of my life. 

Candy helped me learn SO much about myself that I instinctively knew the journey could not stop there. I had to learn more about MY HOW and MY WHY…how I am wired, why I do the things I do, why I respond the way I respond. 

The following week, I signed up to have my Human Design Map and Life Script created. 

What I learned about how I am wired…MIND BLOWING!!  The whole mapping process…shockingly accurate!! 

It enlightened, validated and confirmed sooooo much for me and Candy was able to take all that information and seamlessly create tools that remind me every day of my new path, who I am, what I’m here to do and why.

I am so thankful to have Candy in my life, walking this journey with me, one day at a time."

Lynn experience was life-changing ...

"If you are ready to break through the fears that are holding you back, if you are ready to step into your purpose and passion, IF YOU ARE READY TO CREATE YOUR LIFE ON YOUR TERMS, then you here's your opportunity.

I've gone through an amazing transformation over the past year and it's all because I attended Candy's workshop.

These events have been integral in my ability to find my passion and purpose and overcome fears that had been crippling me for decades"

Amber was excited to tell her story ...

"Candy has changed my life and lit up a new world of possibilities for me.

She is an extremely dedicated and passionate coach that has opened my eyes to my worth and potential that I have as a woman, mother and business owner.

The tools that she uses to help you break down the things that hinder you and push you through your barriers are powerfully raw and effective.

I recommend anyone looking for guidance, reflection and direction to work with her immediately!

Nice to meet you!

I'm Candy, a 6/2 Emotional Manifesting Generator 

I am a heart-centered soul guide, transformational expert. I'm a multi-passionate, multi-potentialite, who doesn’t fit in any box, who dances to the beat of my own drum, and is a force of light, love, sassiness, truth and wonder.

I am a tree shaker, time bender, square-peg-in-a-round-hole, change catalyst, and I am a force truly here to disrupt things, stir shit up, and flip some fuckin' tables.

I absolutely love guiding and working with thought leaders, light warriors, and creatives to help them access, activate, and amplify their purpose, passion, unique gifts, and voice.

I truly believe one of my greatest gifts is my ability to light a fire under people so they can light the fire within.

Your Investment for the Masterclass


5-Session Masterclass

  • LIVE masterclass calls with Candy
  • Each session is approximately 90 mins.
  • All sessions will be recorded
  • Lifetime access to replays 
  • Private training portal & community
  • Q&A with Candy directly

Launches January 23, 2024

(replays will be available - lifetime access)

Can't wait ... I'm in!