Human Design for

Transformational Leadership


Bringing in the language and energy of Human Design, Gene Keys, Quantum Human Design, and the Success Codex to elevate the conversation around transformational and thought leadership! 

Through using the power of Human Design we can build compassionate, aligned AF, sustainable teams, cultures, organizations + communities.

Your Human Design Chart

Access your unique energetic blueprint for FREE


We have an innate wiring that is all our own, as well as a Soul Curriculum and Purpose we are here to live out. Your Human Design Chart illustrates the map of "how" you best make decisions, engage in the world, interact with other, and work, rest, and play.

Access Your Human Design Chart for FREE

Leading Aligned AF in HD

Igniting Radical, Sustainable Human Design Leadership


Human Design, aligned AF leadership, and your Living Legacy:

  • Examine¬†the¬†various nuances and leadership aspects and nuances within the systems of¬†Human Design, Gene Keys¬†and¬†Quantum Human Design.
  • Embark upon specific design and innate wiring pathways¬†within your chart to explore and integrate new paradigm shifts and energetic coding.
  • Contemplate a¬†more meaningful¬†understanding¬†about who truly you are, how you work, rest, and play best, how you engage in the world, interact with others, and what being aligned AF really looks like and feels like for you.¬†
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"Don't die with your music still inside you."- Wayne Dyer

The Narrative You Tell Yourself

HD gives you access the keys to reframe + rewrite your story. 


When you understand your Human Design, you're able to:

  • Access greater knowledge, richer experiences, and¬†pathways for healing
  • Step forward to truly disrupt¬†your current narrative + limiting beliefs to create a narrative that is more expansive + aligned
  • Engage in¬†real¬†courageous, connected conversations¬†with your family, friends, teams, and clients using expansive, uplifting leadership language
  • Build unbreakable bonds with the soul family you¬†called in for yourself
  • Create¬†meaningful impact, intentional influence and sustainable change
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Get Human Design Reading with Candy for $197

"There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle." - Deepak Chopra

You're a Once-in-a-Lifetime Cosmic Miracle 


Each of us is a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic miracle and a unique piece of the Cosmic Puzzle. In fact, the Universe would have to completely rearrange itself if you were not on the planet at this moment in time.  

Meaning, you have a unique gift you are here to offer the world. It's not suppose to look like anyone else's path. You are here to blaze anew ... to pour your magic and light into the world. 

In accessing and understanding your Human Design, you will gain clarity on:

  • The role you are here to play in the world
  • How you are here to serve those who need your gifts
  • What you need to support your own wellbeing

Human Design helps us shift our focus from achievement and accomplishment to one of satisfaction, fulfillment, joy, and peace, allowing us to lead ourselves and create a life that aligns with our true purpose.

I invite you to discover your Human Design.

Explore the nuances of your own chart, and embark upon a journey of self-discovery. The more we understand ourselves, the better we can engage, connect, and collaborate with others to reshape our narrative, and live a life aligned AF with our true essence and purpose.

Where Do I Start My Human Design Exploration?

There are 3 preliminary ways for us to begin your HD exploration journey together ...

Click Here to Access Your FREE Human Design Chart

Foundational HD Reading

In this 60-minute reading, you will understand the fundamental elements of your energetic blueprint (your wiring, coding, and unique operating plan.

In this 60-minute session, you will learn:

  • How you make decisions best
  • How you work, rest, and play best
  • Where you are prone to imposter syndrome + burnout
  • Identifying key leadership markers

Investment: $197 USD

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HD Success Codex

In this 90-minute session, you will learn how you best operate in business and career. You will access tools and language to truly become aligned AF in your life & leadership. 

In this 90-minute session, you will:

  • Comprehensive Success Codex
  • Path #1: Impact
  • Path #2:¬†Growth
  • Path #3: Balance
  • Path #4: Transformation

Investment: $497 USD

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HD Leadership Mapping

I n this 90-minute session, you will Identify key leadership and activation markers (Gates, Channels + Planetary Aspects) along with your natural energetic coding, superpowers + leadership voice.

In this 90-minute session, you will receive:

  • Overview of key leadership markers
  • Your customized Quantum Life Purpose Script
  • Specific leadership language for your unique coding

Investment: $497 USD

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Want to Delve Deeper?

Activate Your SOUL Purpose + Get Clarity on Your Strategic Vision Via Your Dynamic D.R.E.A.M. Roadmap


In this 3-month 1:1 activation container, you will gain insights you need to understand how to activate your unique human design map and energetic blueprint. You will also get a customized Life Script, and Quantum Life Purpose Script, created for you personally to open up higher level access to your desires.

You will be guided through my proprietary framework, tools, strategies, and coaching to bring your vision, design and SOUL's purpose to life, to open up greater access to more joy, fulfillment, freedom, peace, and prosperity!

YES! I Want to Delve Deeper + Activate My Soul Blueprint

Decode Your Design by Design Series

It's not about who you are. It's how you are. Human Design is your operating plan on how you are in the world.

Your unique energetic blueprint illustrates how you use and access energy, how you work, rest and play best, how engage in healthy relationships and interact with the world, and how to make the correct decisions for you. These self-directed training courses provide you access to  the key fundamentals aspects you need to understand within your chart for your specific individual Type.

Decode Your Design by Design: MANIFESTING GENERATORS

MANIFESTING GENERATORS, this course was designed just for YOU. It's everything you need to understand the fundamental aspects and nuances of your HD chart.

Investment: $297 USD

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Decode Your Design by Design: GENERATORS

GENERATORS, this course was designed just for YOU. It's everything you need to understand the fundamental aspects and nuances of your Human Design chart.

Investment: $297 USD

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Decode Your Design by Design: PROJECTORS

PROJECTORS, this course was designed just for YOU. It's everything you need to understand the fundamental aspects and nuances of your Human Design chart.

Investment: $297 USD

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Additional Human Design Programs

If you prefer live learning, group containers & masterminds, then check out these programs ...

Relationship Dynamics in HD Masterclass

Create radically revolutionary relationships through Human Design. In this 5-week masterclass, we explore each the Strategy & language for each Type and how to best interact and communicate with each other.

Investment: $444 USD

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Leading the PROJECTOR Way Mastermind

Projectors, you're designed to guide the meaningful work that will shift consciousness into a more expansive, empowered, and embodied way of living. Join us to activate your visionary leadership and magic of who you are.

Investment: $888 USD

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Decode Your Design (LIVE) MASTERMIND 

This is a LIVE interactive masterclass for ALL Human Design Types to play together and learn from each other. In this masterclass, we will dig into the key fundamentals elements,  aspects and nuances you need to understand within your chart.

Investment: $888 USD

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Human Design Resources + Tools

A suite of tools, resources, checklists & videos to support you in your Human Design journey


Leading the PROJECTOR Way Mastermind

I aim to make the exploration of Human Design simple and accessible for transformational leaders, as so much of the information you can find can feel dense and overwhelming. Translating the language and energy of Human Design into practical application is part of my magic and genius. 

You now can access a suite of resources, cheatsheets blog posts, podcast episodes, interviews, and tools to help simplify what you need to know in your own chart. 

Access the Suite of Human Design Resources Here

Client Insights + Testimonials

I've been blessed and humbled to work with some amazing souls over the years. 

Fabienne shared this ...

"Last week, I had my first Human Design Reading with her and I learned many things that I can definitely implement daily.  I left the call uplifted and happy about what I discovered about myself.

Also, the call was filled with empathy and kindness.¬† Plus, her passion for this topic is through the roof! Candy, all this to say... THANK YOU!!!‚ÄĚ

Jeff was busting at the seams ...

“Candy is a passionate leader who is highly skilled at uncovering hidden potential and self imposed roadblocks. She brings her extensive background and education to the table, but in way that is easy to understand.

My Human Design Foundational Reading with Candy was remarkable. The exercise gave me goosebumps and opened my eyes as she explained things about me that only I knew and about items that I could not explain well myself. It was a deep dive and a rewarding one.“