Hey, I'm Candy!

Tree Shaker, Change Catalyst & Deliberate Disrupter


Transformational Business Strategist, Fortune 500 Trainer, Executive Coach, Author + Host of Aligned As F*ck Podcast
Igniting Radical, Sustainable, Aligned AF Human Design Leadership to Shift the Collective Consciousness


FREE Guide: How to Become a More Effective Leader

Hey, I'm Candy!

Tree Shaker, Change Catalyst & Deliberate Disrupter


Transformational Business Strategist, Fortune 500 Trainer, Executive Coach, Author + Host of Aligned As F*ck Podcast
Igniting Radical, Sustainable, Aligned AF Human Design Leadership


FREE Guide: How to Be a More Effective Leader

Your Human Design Chart

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We each have an innate wiring that is all our own, as well as a Soul Curriculum we are here to live out. Your Human Design Chart illustrates the map of "how" you best make decisions, engage in the world, and work, rest, and play.

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Explore Your Leadership through Human Design

Access and understand your unique operating plan & energetic blueprint


With Human Design, you'll gain clarity on:

  • The role you are here to play in the world
  • How you are here to serve those who need your gifts
  • What you need to support your own well-being

Human Design helps us shift our focus from achievement and accomplishment to one of satisfaction, fulfillment, joy, and peace, allowing us to lead ourselves and create a life that aligns with our true purpose. I invite you to discover your Human Design.

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I know what it feels like to struggle with imposter syndrome, burnout, and being stuck on a endless hamster wheel. I was there a decade ago.

Just like you, I wanted to create meaningful impact.

I thought that meant hustling, winding & grinding, and working myself to the bone. It was only when I found myself in the hospital at the age of 35, that I got a serious wake-up call.

It was clear that I was slowly killing myself and that my own inability to see my worth was standing in my way.

I used to joke that my autobiography would be called: "Sleeping With My Crackberry" (remember those ... blackberry devices?) Because I got sucked into the culture of more, the culture of "I've got to bust my ass 24/7 if I'm going to succeed" mentality.

In that moment, I realized there was something more ...

That more was ME. I decided to take a bet on me. To follow my heart and the dream that kept pushing on me all those years. To take my 20 years of corporate experience to create a new way to look at leadership and building healthy team and communities. 

Now, 11 years later ...

Not only am a transformational leadership expert, speaker, trainer and coach, I also am redefining and reshaping how we view leadership. I spend countless hours researching the psychology of leaders, and of their mindset, skillset, and heartset.

I have developed proven strategies, frameworks, and tools that propel my clients from repeat cycles of exhaustion, burnout, and overwhelm into more peace, greater harmony, fulfillment, joy, and a sense of deeper purpose in their lives.

I also have been immersed in deep study of Human Design,  Gene Keys, and  Quantum Human Design for the past 6 years. I'm able to identify key markers where imposter syndrome and burnout get triggered (it's not the same for everyone), and map out the unique leadership love language of my clients. 

I truly believe that leadership is ultimately a choice ... and, that it's everyone's opportunity.

It's a function of 3 things: how you choose to show up, how you choose to serve, and how you choose to take personal responsibility inside those two spaces. It's starts by leading yourself first.

And, I have spent the last 30 years guiding thousands of leaders, organizations, and  entrepreneurs just like you in recognizing and remembering who they truly are, what they believe in and stand for, connecting them back to their Soul Purpose and life's mission, in order to take full responsibility for how they choose to show up and serve.  

The work we do provides the catalyst to help clients  awaken, activate and amplify their leadership voice. 

It's only in becoming aligned AF and standing in a space to be radically and authentically YOU, that you can fully shine your light and share your leadership message in service to raise the collective consciousness on the planet. 

What I bring to the table

Leadership Development Expert + Author, International Executive Coach + Mentor, Fortune 500 Speaker + Educator/Trainer


With more than 30 years experience, I am a master at catapulting and elevating transformational leaders to achieve explosive growth and building exceptional, high-performing teams and thriving cultures.

I have delivered my body of work to organizations such as: the U.S. Army Reserves, GE Healthcare, TDLR, Cox Media, Northwestern Mutual, Clabber Girl, Rockwell Automation, Texas Tech, Duke University, Northwestern University, & PMI, to name just a few.

I have spent thousands of hours and more than $500K investing in my expertise, my education, and in the systems and tools I've created and use. 

Thoughts & testimonials from others

Here's what some of my clients have experienced and have to share ...

Dominique G. - Technical Program Manager

"I was feeling stuck, unsure of myself and my career path ... and well, my life path in general. I took a few online courses and while I initially felt like I stumbled upon Candy Barone and the YES Community.

I now realize it was all by design … my Human Design.

I am not comfortable with vulnerability or sharing anything about myself or my story and yet I felt this pull, drawing me to sign up for the Candy's virtual retreat. If you have ever met Candy or done any work with her, then you know the virtual aspect of this retreat did not stop her or impede her process in any way, shape or form!  We each had the opportunity to dig deep and I can honestly say, it was the most freeing and liberating 3 days of my life. 

In that short time, Candy helped me learn SO much about myself that I instinctively knew the journey could not stop there. I had to learn more about MY HOW and MY WHY … how I am wired, why I do the things I do, why I respond the way I respond. 

The following week, I signed up to have my Human Design Map and Life Script created.  What I learned about how I am wired … MIND BLOWING!!  The whole mapping process is shockingly accurate!! It enlightened, validated and confirmed sooooo much for me and Candy was able to take all that information and seamlessly create a Life Script that reminds me every day of my new path, who I am, what I’m here to do and why."

Tricia P. - Entrepreneur & Business Owner

“Candy is an amazing coach, trainer and motivational speaker. I first met Candy at her three-day workshop.

She has an amazing ability to present her material in a way that deeply captures and connects with her audience. It was an impressive workshop, kept my full attention the entire time and changed my life.

I was lucky enough to work with Candy as my coach and participate in one of her mastermind groups. She has helped me gain clarity for my business, personal and professional goals.

She encouraged me to remain focused on my unique gifts I bring to others and the universe.

What sets Candy apart from others in her field is her ability to motivate and inspire you to be your best self.

Whether you are looking for a personal coach or business coach Candy will be an advocate for you and hold you accountable. She comes to you with experience and in-depth knowledge of what it takes to be successful.

As an incredible coach and mentor, Candy has made a huge difference in my life.‚ÄĚ

Erik D. - Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

"I had the pleasure of attending a PMI workshop which was facilitated by Candy. I had no expectations walking into it, but she was able to engage the group in a way that brought everyone into the moment. The lessons and activities seemed so simple, but were so motivating and enlightening that the entire group was fully engaged, and getting every bit of learning out that Candy was putting in.

After the workshop, I felt I wanted to work on more, so I decided to schedule a 1-1 session with her. In short, she really has a knack for getting in and making an impact. She brings ample experience from the corporate world, mixed with life experiences, and the ability to really reach people which equates in making strides in all things career and personal growth. I can't say enough great things about her, and if you're looking for a career coach, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone better!"

Lynn B. - Human Resources Specialist

“If you are ready to break through the fears that are holding you back, if you are ready to step into your purpose and passion.

IF YOU ARE READY TO CREATE YOUR LIFE ON YOUR TERMS, then you here's your opportunity. This is a POWERFUL three days - you will laugh, you will cry, and your life will never be the same if you choose to do the work.

I've gone through an amazing transformation over the past year and it's all because I attended Candy's 3 day event.

I haven't missed one since.

These events have been integral in my ability to find my passion and purpose and overcome fears that had been crippling me for decades and bloom.‚ÄĚ

You're 3 steps away from transforming your life

Choose your preferred learning & engagement style

Do you prefer to work intimately, in deep containers, with a coach & mentor who can help you fast-track your result and hold you personally accountable, in the process?

Or perhaps, you would rather engage with a group of like-minded transformational thought leaders, where you can learn and grow as part of a conscious community?

Maybe you would rather just dig into some soul work by yourself and go at your own pace?

Your learning style is all yours. Therefore, you are in the driver seat when it comes to determining which one of my approaches fits your needs best. 

Get clear about the investment you are willing to make

The work you will do with me requires both a commitment of a financial investment, as well as an investment of your time (and focus).

In order for you to captured the results you desire, you must be willing to make this work a priority (especially my for 1:1 and group containers).

For my 1:1 containers, you will be required to fill out an application to assess our synergy and determine if it's truly aligned for us to work together. 

I only open up a set number of 1:1 containers (including VIP Days) at a time. 

Get ready to do the work & watch the dial move on your results

Fair warning: I will challenge you. My job, in order for you to see real results, is three-fold: 

  • To get you crystal clear on what you truly want & then hold a mirror up so that can be brutally honest with yourself as to what is holding you back or keeping you stuck.
  • To¬†have you access greater possibilities & tap into the infinite field of potential¬†(in other words, to help you see more options & to "see the forest for the trees").
  • To hold you accountable (this is the tough part, as this often means calling out your BS stories) to what you say you desire most & want to call in for your life and/or business.

Meaning, there may be days where you get frustrated, or even don't like me. Lol, that's ok ... I have thick skin! I truly believe that if you are coming to me, it's because you are tired of being tired. You are done with all the things that haven't worked.

And, you are over of all the excuses you have been making.

You want real joy, real freedom, real fulfillment, real peace & real results. 

If you show up ready to play full out, ready to engage and do the work, then I assure you that all of that is exactly what you will get. My approach is proven & my strategies work.  

And, you have my promise that I will be with you every step of the way. 

Different Ways You Can Lean Into Doing This Work

You are not a cookie, therefore I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter approach.

Your growth should be customized for YOU: envision a 'choose your own adventure' approach.

So, I make sure that you have options, depending on how you learn, how you work, and what suits you best. 

1:1 Coaching

My 1:1 containers focus on strategy work and to fast track your results. We use my proven frameworks, along with assessing your unique Human Design chart.

You can either opt to do a VIP day or my 12-month coaching package. You also are able to do a combination of the two, as the VIP Day often is a launchpad for the deeper work we'll do together. 

Explore 1:1 coaching >>

Group Play Spaces

Imagine being in a community of like-minded, transformational conscious thought leaders, light warriors and wayshowers who truly want to change the world, and create massive, intentional impact!

I have several powerful ways you can engage & play in a meaningful group capacity where we get to come together as the badass aligned AF ducks we are. 

Explore communities >>

Teams & Culture

Are you looking to bring a richer, more focused approach to building a strong culture and in growing emerging leaders within your organization? Then let's connect.

There are several ways I can assist your organization: team trainings, retreats, coaching, group cohorts, workshops,  webinars, strategic mapping, visioning exercises, and keynote presentations.

Explore options >>

As Seen Featured in ...

I have been featured in several prominent publications & on various podcast, radio & TV shows, as well as sharing the stage with influencers like Les Brown, Stedman Graham, Forbes Riley & others.

I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live a juicy, meaningful life filled with love, joy, fulfillment, abundance, peace, wonder, and magic.


It's time to get honest with yourself: Are you truly living your BEST life, the life of your DREAMS? 

The meaning phase of your life is here. Wayne Dyer said: "Don't die with your music still inside you!"

We all have a song to sing that is uniquely and authentically ours ... and, ours alone! The question is: are you willing to show up and sing your song loudly & proudly for all the world to hear? Isn't it time?

I teach, guide & model the power of leading from love, with love, while feeding the soul of business.

Fun facts about me ...



Baseball is truly in my blood - I'm a diehard Chicago Cubs fan. Fun fact: my great grandmother was the very 1st woman to ever own a MLB team. She owned the St. Louis Cardinals for 6 years (before women could vote)!


I lived in Italy for 4 years as a kid; my dad was stationed at Aviano AFB. I am a 3rd generation Italian (50%) and got to meet my relatives when we were there.


I lost my soul dog, Payton Wrigley, in November 2022. I recently rescued another a pit bull mix pup, in July 2023, who I named Ernie Banks.


I love all things pickles, olives, and feta cheese (pretty much anything in salty brine). In fact, you'll only find me putting mustard and a double serving of pickles on my burgers. LOL!


I am a voracious reader and LOVE books! I read 50+ books a year, and usually more than one at a time (the Manifesting Generator in me).

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