Human Design Reading

Human Design for Transformational Leadership


Understand the fundamental elements of your unique Human Design Chart, or energetic blueprint (operating plan of you), such as your Type, Strategy, Authority, and the impact of your openness and definition in your chart, such as: 

  • how you make decisions best
  • how you work, rest, and play best
  • what triggers imposter syndrome for you
  • where you are prone to burnout
  • identifying key leadership markers


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Jeff had this to share:

Candy is a passionate leader who is highly skilled at uncovering hidden potential and self imposed roadblocks. She brings her extensive background and education to the table, but in way that is easy to understand.

My Human Design Foundational Reading with Candy was remarkable. The exercise gave me goosebumps and opened my eyes as she explained things about me that only I knew and about items that I could not explain well myself. It was a deep dive and a rewarding one.

Here's Amy experience:

Things make so much more sense now that I understand how my Human Design has helped me make decisions in the past. Having this clarity to help me make decisions in the future is going to be a game changer for myself as a leader and my team.

I feel more empowered to step into my strengths and be a stronger leader - which I knew I could be but I wasn't clear on exactly how to go about it until meeting with Candy

Check out what Fabienne said:

I just wanted to let you know that if ever you need a Human Design Reading, please connect with Candy Barone.

Last week, I had my first Human Design Reading with her and I learned many things that I can definitely implement daily.  I left the call uplifted and happy about what I discovered about myself.

Also, the call was filled with empathy and kindness.  Plus, her passion for this topic is through the roof! ll this to say... THANK YOU!!!