Work with Candy 1:1


I absolutely love guiding and working with transformational thought leaders, light warriors, coaches, and trainers to help them access, activate, and amplify their purpose, passion, unique gifts, and leadership voice.

Because of the nature & depth of work I do with clients, both my 1:1 containers are on an application basis to determine whether or not there is an aligned fit.

My role is to light a fire under you so you can light the fire within.

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1:1 Coaching

3-month container with biweekly structured sessions. 


You will be guided through a powerful strategic visionary framework, activation tools to assist you in getting crystal clear, your Human Design chart + Gene Keys, along with my proprietary D.R.E.A.M.‚ĄĘ Framework to bring your vision, mission & purpose to life and help you become aligned AF as a leader.¬†

As a result, you will gain:

  • Clarity on what you truly desire to call in & manifest + your 'compelling why'
  • Insights into your¬†distinct leadership markers & leadership love language
  • Access to your unique superpowers & gifts¬†to unlock your fullest potential
  • A deeper sense of your own self-worth so that¬†unlock your magic
  • Strategies on how to awaken, activate & amplify your leadership voice

Investment: TBD based on client need + scope of work

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There's power in investing in yourself

In order to lead others effectively you must first start with yourself. Leadership starts with you!

VIP Strategy Play Day

Full-day deep dive strategy / creative play day with Candy 1:1. 


An in-person, all-day experience (at my home in Austin, TX) customized for YOU. Plus, you will receive a pre-planning call & a follow-up call afterwards. 

As a result, you will walk away with:

  • A clear framework & badass blueprint around you vision & big rocks
  • A pathway to take inspired action on your top priorities
  • Your cup overflowing & a deeper, more profound sense of who you are

We also make lots of time to play & for integration. A true VIP experience!

Investment: $5,000 for the day

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Who Are My Clients? 


I work with heart-centered emerging & established transformational thought leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners,  and light warriors who consider their work deeply meaningful and are seeking strategic advice, clear, constructive coaching, mentoring, and resources to assist them in elevating into their next level of growth & leadership, both personally & professionally. 

I regularly help clients 10x the return on their coaching investment with me, as well as to help them to free up substantial time, and create greater joy, abundance, peace, and fulfillment in their lives. 

My 1:1 coaching containers are a powerful fit for you if:

  • You deeply desire more in your life & know that you are here to do meaningful work
  • You have a heart of service & recognize that true leadership is in how we give our gifts
  • You want to fast track what you want to call in & manifest your desires in a timely manner
  • You are committed to doing the real work required & taking inspired action to do your part
  • You want to create & maintain massive momentum¬†as you implement your goals
  • You desire creating real, sustainable success & look to inspire, influence & impact others
  • You are willing to hold yourself accountable¬†for how you show up in the world
  • You want a mentor &¬†partner who will stay consistently updated on your plans &¬†progress
  • You have a growth mindset, are open to feedback &¬†take responsibility for leading yourself
  • You are ready to blow up the bullshit, destroy the noise¬†and flip some fuckin' tables
  • You are ready to change the narratives¬†and programming getting in your way
  • You have the financial resources¬†and time to invest¬†and commit to coaching

I am clear about who I work with, as I know that not everyone is the right fit. I seek to work with individuals ready to truly invest in themselves and lean in to do the real work to raise their level of leadership. 

If you are raising your hand right now, saying: "Yes, this is me!" ... then, let's rock-n-roll!


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Group Coaching & Self-Directed Programs

If my 1:1 containers aren't the right fit, I also have 2 group containers and an array of courses available.


COMING SOON - Leading in HD Mastermind


Everything Human Design & leadership! This is a powerfully interactive & highly engaged group of transformational thoughts leaders, enlightened entrepreneurs & light warriors who seek to truly know who they are, how they operate at their highest level, how the work, play & rest best & what their unique leadership love language is so that they can amplify it into the world.


COMING SOON: Leading in HD Mastermind


COMING SOON - Quantum Alignment Council


Calling all Aligned AF Ducks (or ducks in the making). Welcome to The QAC! This council represents the most badass, cosmic visionaries, evolutionaries & revolutionaries on the planet. We are dedicated to shifting the level of consciousness & raising the level of leadership across the globe. Together, we awaken, activate & amplify our voices to inspire, impact & influence others.


COMING SOON: Quantum Alignment Council


Signature Programs


I personally love the balance of working directly with my coaches and engaging in self-directed content for growth. It allows me space to really dig in to leverage deep integration. Having the ability to really engage with content, over-and-over again. I've created several signature programs that offer you the same approach. You are able to do any of these at your own pace. 


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What my clients are saying

I am so honored to this work. And, I love result like these. 

Amber C. - Entrepreneur

“Candy Barone has changed my life & lit up a new world of possibilities for me.

She is an extremely dedicated & passionate coach that has opened my eyes to my own worth & potential that I have as a woman, mother & business owner.

The tools that she uses to help you break down the things that hinder you & push you through your barriers are powerfully raw & effective.

I recommend anyone looking for guidance, reflection & direction to call her immediately!‚ÄĚ

Roxanne S. - Business Owner

“What an amazing experience I had in Austin with the one & only Candy Barone. If you have not experienced her do what she does & shine her light ... boy, are you missing out.

I learned soooooo much & grew so much as a person. The leadership & life lessons she taught me are game-changing.

She holds space for you to dig deep & play big. She is masterful with her energy.

My cup overfloweth.  Thank you Candy. I know that had I not shown up for myself in this way then I wouldn’t truly know what I was missing.

AND because I did, I can now REALLY SHOW UP in life. Go big or go bigger. You rock Candy. Love u!‚ÄĚ

My Compelling Why & Mission 

It's about changing and expanding the world ... one leader at a time.

My mighty mission is to guide people through conscious transformation so that they can powerfully influence and impact from a space of deep authenticity, compassion, integrity and grace.

My vibrant vision is that, together, we are eradicating a cycle of fear that has been handed down from generation to generation by creating a global culture of empowerment that opens up courageous, connected conversations for healing, and greater accountability. 

We, as emerging leaders, light warriors & enlightened entrepreneurs have a responsibility to shift the level of consciousness. We are being called to disrupt the current systems, to flip some fuckin' tables, shake some trees, and to build something more expansive.