Success Map (Codex)

Radical exploration of a specific level of Human Design


Have you ever wondered what really constitutes alignment between you, your work, your leadership, and your impact?

Imagine if you had a crystal ball that could provide the insights you need to run a successful AND sustainable business, grow in your career, or make the next major transition easier. Imagine if you didn't have to hustle so hard ...

The truth is, you don't need to. You can access more with greater ease.

There is a revolutionary new system in Human Design that maps out 4 distinctive Success Paths specific to YOU and your innate energetic wiring. 

This Success Map (or Codex) shows how you best operate in business and your career. Giving you the tools and language to truly become aligned AF in your life and leadership. And, I am excited to share yours with you!

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"The work you do to discover and express your magnificent self is the most important work you can do for both yourself and the planet."

Karen Curry Parker, founder of The Quantum Human Design System

The 4 Success Paths

The 4 Success Paths have their own context ("flavor") and interpretation

Path #1: Impact

The Impact Path is an external focused path illustrating how you create greater visibility and impact in the work you do.

It maps your leadership personality and personal & business branding for your greatest impact.

This path maps out alignment for expression of your truest Self.

It highlights what you are here to teach, communicate, and share, with the world and those truly meant for you. 

Path #2: Growth

This Growth Path is an external focused pathway that shows you how to best foster growth in the areas of resources & resource management.

It shows you how you attract the ‚Äėright‚Äô clients to you, and highlights your capacity to receive and hold ‚Äėmore‚Äô abundance and prosperity.

It offers valuable insights into how you best create brand awareness, visbility, and how you establish the language for aligned sales and marketing. 

Path #3: Balance

The Balance Path is internally focused. It’s provides understanding around how you best create sustainably.

This path¬†connects you powerfully back to your core ‚Äėwhy‚Äô and aligns you to your Soul Purpose.

The Balance Path offers insightful information around how best to build a supportive structure for your work, as well as identifying when you are out of balance, or when you deviate from your innate why and purpose.

Path #4: Transformation

The Transformation Path is an internally focused mapping that helps you move through transitions & change easily, compassionately, powerfully, and gracefully.

It highlights potential barriers, where you need to give yourself permission, and what needs to die to be rebirthed. 

This path opens up new potential and unlimited possibilities so that you can take greater initiative for greater impact. 

Insights from those who came to play

I've been blessed and humbled to work with some amazing souls over the years. 

Tina shared this ...

“I’ve worked with so many assessment tools over the years, but NOTHING prepared me for how impactful working with Human Design through Candy's guidance would be for me, my company, and my relationships.

I've learned how to embrace my gifts wholeheartedly and permit myself to trust myself fully for the first time.

Candy and I also brought Human Design to my company, giving us a new depth to our branding and the language we use when communicating with our clients.

Overall, what I've learned through my Human Design and Candy's expertise in applying Human Design has vastly improved my decision-making, my life satisfaction, my well-being, and my confidence - and THAT has resulted in my company and relationship thriving more!‚ÄĚ

Dominque was busting at the seams ...

“I was feeling stuck, unsure of myself and my career path and well, my life path in general.  I took a few online courses and while I initially felt like I stumbled upon Candy Barone and the Yes Community, I now realize it was all by design…my Human Design.

I had to learn more about MY HOW and MY WHY…how I am wired, why I do the things I do, why I respond the way I respond. 

 The following week, I signed up to have my Human Design Map and Life Script created.  What I learned about how I am wired…MIND BLOWING!! 

The whole mapping process…shockingly accurate!! 

It enlightened, validated and confirmed sooooo much for me and Candy was able to take all that information and seamlessly create a Life Script that reminds me every day of my new path, who I am, what I‚Äôm here to do and why.‚ÄĚ

Success Codex (Map) + Reading


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In this 60-minute Zoom session with Candy directly, you will be guided through a deep exploration of your unique Success Map, along with your 4  specific Success Paths.

You will receive the following tools after your session:

  • Comprehensive Success Map (Codex)
  • Success Path #1: Impact Map
  • Success Path #2:¬†Growth Map
  • Success Path #3: Balance¬†Map
  • Success Path #4: Transformation Map
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