Becoming Aligned As F*ck

by candy barone Sep 18, 2022

I’m not logical.


In fact, some would even call me bat-shit crazy.


I don’t make logical decisions. Often times they seem radical, out there, or even ridiculous.


I am not linear.

I am here to “bend time” and take dynamic, quantum leaps.


To be a tree-shaker, a table-flipper, a rebel, and a light warrior. To distort the very constraints that keep us locked in a cage, in a box of static rules, of should-ing and shame.


I am not static.


I am a dynamic dreamer who understands that everything is energy, and that everything is, and has, a flow, a rhythm, to it. There exists a quantum field of experience that we have the power to create by the thoughts we hold and the choices we create in every moment.


I am here to experience joy, expansion, peace and fulfillment. To magnetize the feeling of joy and love, and to manifest all my heart desires.


I am a quitter. Through years of discovery, healing, and becoming aligned as fuck in my own design, my own energetic blueprint, I am learning to quit the things that are not for me. I have learned to quit when it’s time to pivot. To quit when my “fuck yes” turns into a “hell no.”


As I evolve and become more enlightened, I find the need to quit more.


I am selfish. As Shaman Durek shares in his kick-ass book: Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the World, to be “selfish is necessary for authenticity.” It means connecting with yourself first, and making sure that your needs are being met. Only in doing this, can authentically be of service to others.


Click here to get a copy of Shaman Durek’s book 


I am selfish, self-full, and choosing me and my light first. I am standing in the fullness and power of all that I am. I refuse to play small in order to make others more comfortable. I am ready to be all that I am, and all that I am becoming.


With that comes responsibility, “the ability to show up with love.”


I am here to lead with love, from love … and, to teach and guide others to do the same.


I am a rebel.


I push against the rules, the system, the conditioning, the matrix, and the expectations of my own programming, as well as that of others.


I agitate, disrupt, challenge, provoke, and really like to stir some shit up. I am ready to flip some fucking tables as Abby Wambach stated in her powerful LMU commencement speech.


Click here to see Abby’s speech


And, I question everything.


I’m a tree shaker, a change agent, and catalyst to break free from the maya (illusion) of control.


I’m a curator of the complex and a speaker of the simple.


I bend time, connect, what seems to be random, dots, and build bridges.


I take action quickly when aligned and inspired, when I lean into my “fuck YESes” and am clear on my “hell NOs”, and I move at lighting speed. Then, I often have to backtrack to take care of details I missed.


Ah, such is my design.


I’m a multi-passionate, multi-potential leader here to teach through my experiences. I carry with me innate wisdom, and my learning curve is fast.


As a 6/2 Manifesting Generator with emotional authority, I fully embrace that.


All of that.


As this is all part of my path.


You see, I have given myself permission to step into ME. To release the bullshit programming, conditioning, and stories that I held onto that I either created or willingly accepted from others around me.


I choose to be aligned as fuck.


I am a badass (at least in my mind), heart-centered soul guide and thought leader. I don’t fit in a box, and am here to dance to the beat of my own drum. I am a force of light, love, sassiness, truth, and wonder.


And, I absolutely love guiding and working with emerging, enlightened, and evolving leaders to help them access, activate, and amplify their purpose, passion, unique gifts, and voice.


I truly believe one of my greatest gifts is to light a fire under people so they can light the fire within. I mean who doesn’t want to live a LIT life?


I not only help people step into their leadership, their fullness, and their greatness, I also help them lead their Living Legacy. I help them get lit, step into the fullness of who they are, and live their most authentic, kick-ass life.


Right now, we need those leaders more than ever. We need to lift the level of consciousness and raise the level of leadership. We need to explore the rabbits holes and learn to play again, together, as one, united in all that we are, and all that we get to become.


A shift is coming … the matrix is imploding.


The question is, will you be one to step forward and co-create what’s possible, or will you stay on the sidelines, continuing to hand over your power, as well as your freedom, as you watch it implode?


It’s simple, and the choice is yours. I’m looking for those ready to say “fuck YES” and jump down some unpredictable and uncomfortable rabbit holes.


You with me?


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