Create Better Harmony in ALL Your Relationships with Human Design

by candy barone May 27, 2024

Have you ever thought you communicated something well only to be met with blank stares or the sounds of crickets?

Or worse, massive resistance.

You were intentional and took care to be deliberate about the words you chose, the way in which you delivered the message, and even monitored your tone and body language. 

Yet, somehow, your words were lost of deaf ears.

You swear you were speaking English, but why does it feel like you were speaking a foreign language? Or, even like you were speaking Martian.

How many times have you found yourself pouring your heart out, sharing deep truths, only to get shut down or feel dismissed from a loved one?

It sucks, doesn’t it?

To pour your heart and soul out only to feel unseen and unheard, no matter how loudly you tried to make your voice understood.

The disconnect isn’t really you.

Even if it was, it’s not for the reason you might think.

In many cases, it’s a matter of different energetic wiring. 

Enter the potency of Human Design: your unique energetic blueprint and operating plan. It’s the pathway on how your operate best in your interactions with the world and others. 

Inside your chart lies a great deal of insight around how you best communicate, what makes you feel seen and heard, and how you are aligned in making the best decisions for you.

In Human Design, there are 5 distinct types: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector. 

Each with its own language and way of communicating in the world. 

Now, imagine for a moment if you, not only better understood that nuances of your own language, but also that of those closest to you … whether your intimate partner, your friends, family, colleagues, employees, clients, or even your children. 

How much difference would that make in how you connect, relate, and communicate with each other?

Let me give you an example.

Say you have a Projector and Generator in a relationship together. The Projector has these beautiful gift in seeing things, lots of things, that are ways to work better and with more ease. They feel compelled to share this with their loved one as they only want the best for them. 

However, when they offer the guidance and advice, they are met with incredible heavy resistance, and maybe even frustration. 

The Projector is left feeling confused, and then bitter, as they were “only trying to help.” So, they shut down, and the bitterness creeps in. 

Now, if the Projector only knew that in order to be fully seen, heard, and valued in their gifts that the needed to be recognized and inviting to share their brilliant insights, they’d have approached the situation differently.

They either would have waited for the right invitation to share, or used language to help open up space for the invitation to be made. 

Because the Generator needs something to respond to.

Now, on the flip side, if the Generator would have known (or remembered) that their beloved Projector is this magical oracle, who can naturally see around corners and draw out the gifts of the Generator types, they would have been willing to open up the right invitation.

They would have sought out and wanted to hear the magical words of their partner. They would have welcomed them in, knowing that their Projector partner can see things they never will. The Projector can see the entire template and the forest for the trees. 

Now, when these two partners know how they operate in their Strategy and Authority, and then acknowledge the same for their partner, this union is designed to be highly successful and quite powerful. 

I’ve actually watched this firsthand, as I have helped clients and friends learn how to speak each others’ language, even in how they ask each other questions. A Generator needs yes/no questions, while a Projector feels more aligned to their truth with open-ended questions. 

Let’s look another example. 

Say you are a Generator parent with a Manifestor child. You’ve experienced quite a bit of anger when your child is interrupting while doing things, where he seems to be in flow. You struggle to comprehend the intensity of the anger that seems to pop in those instances. 

Did you know that that is a normal reaction for your Manifestor child?

You see, she has an internal, non-verbal creative flow, where when disrupted that build-up of creative energy has to go somewhere. So, it literally pops and feels like an intense blast of irrational anger. 

Now, imagine instead if you were aware of that, and taught your daughter how to best manage her anger. The biggest opportunity being that she needs to learn how to inform before she goes into her creative flow. 

When she informs what she needs or let’s those who will be affected by her initiating action, she mitigates the risk of being interrupted in that flow. Thus, she can remain in her flow while the spark is juicy. 

Can you begin to see just how significant this understanding is, and can be?

Now, extend that same notion into ALL your relationships.

Imagine a world where misunderstandings and conflicts in your relationships are minimized, and harmony and connection are maximized.

This is the power of understanding your Human Design. 

Take the first step towards better relating to those you love and interact with by discovering your unique Human Design type and learning how to effectively communicate with the types of those closest to you.

Imagine how office dynamics and company culture would change. Imagine having more peaceful family get togethers and more engaging discussions with your closest inner circle of friends.

And, image how it would affect how you parent and raise your kids.

I don’t know about you … but, I can imagine a whole new world emerging. 

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