Opening to GRACE: Part V - Embracing “ME” … All of Me

by candy barone Nov 03, 2021
The journey in opening to GRACE has not come without it’s set of frustration, anxieties, discomfort, and full-out resistance. The past three years have challenged me in ways that I wasn’t prepared for.
My connection to my intuition got stronger, and I started to recognize the whispers more and more. I learned how to listen, to really listen … not just to what I thought or said, but to all of what I didn’t think or speak, as well. I started to listen deeper.
As I listened, the whispers got louder and clearer … and, the downloads dropped in.
And, man did they drop in! Wow, they were big and the messages were strong. I felt so much resistance with each pull, and with each message. All I kept thinking is, “I don’t want to do this.”
I mean, “I really don’t want to do this.” I didn’t want to accept what came through in my silent stillness, or in my meditations, or on my walks with Payton. I didn’t want to step into what was presenting and being called of me, through me.
Where I wanted to through in the towel in November, I now was being asked to step into my work at a deeper, more connected level. I was being asked to share my vulnerabilities at a heightened level. I was being asked to bring a new discussion around leadership to the table. I was being asked to bring a spiritual conversation into the business arena.
I was being asked to speak my truth … my authentic, raw, and real truth.
And, I was scared, resistant, and unsure that I was ready for this next level. Yet, no matter how strong my resistance was, I felt myself moving forward, being propelled into a more intentional space around my purpose, my voice, and my work.
And, I continued to listen. To notice. To observe.
The art of observing without judgment is not easy. We are so conditioned to “control” what we can, and to create parameters for how life should be showing up.
What happens when all that goes away? What happens when the doingness goes away?
What happens when we really open ourselves up to listen? To listen to the stillness? To listen to our own heartbeat? To listen to the aching whisper in our soul … that so many times has been stifled, quieted, or ignored?
What happens we we choose to listen to our own intuition? To our guides? To our truth?
What happens when we choose to see ourselves, all of ourselves?
For me, this was what showed up. These are the questions (and the answers) that presented when I allowed myself space to listen. To really listen. When I stopped fighting and resisting what came through in those listening sessions.
Because what I learned is that listening is both passive and active. Listening is an experiential, full-body engagement, where we are able to tap into both our five senses, as well as being able to fully connect to our higher dimensions, and a different realm.
Listening means being open to receive. To understand. To allow. To surrender.
So, here I am … allowing myself to be fully guided in the work I do. To fully surrender to the downloads and calling I feel at the most cellular level of my being. To step into my vulnerability, my truth, and my mission at a deeper level. To show up, to serve, and to be a bridge in connecting other leaders and light warriors together.
I am here to plant seeds, to be a bridge builder.
For the calling is to shift the level of consciousness, to raise the level of leadership, and to lean into a more connected level of humanity. It requires being more visible, becoming more uncomfortable, and disrupting the status quo.
Can I still feel some resistance … hell yes! Do I allow that to hold me back … no! I now am learning to sit with all that is uncomfortable. As I am learning how to truly live the Tao more, to connect to the deepest harmony and center between the extremes, the resistance can push harder. And, I know that I simply need to receive all of it. That I get to lean in, to be still. To listen.
The time is now. This work is ours.
With love and deep reverence, Candy

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