The Wisdom of Human Design Doesn't Elude the Humanness of Our Journey as Transformational Leaders

by candy barone Apr 23, 2024

Today, one of my dear friends and Human Design mentors shared a powerful, vulnerable post, sharing some behind-the-scenes glimpses, where she has gone against her own design, and has fallen into old patterns and limiting cycles, despite her wisdom. 

Her honesty demonstrated how self-awareness allows her to be a better teacher and transformational leader.

I love everything about her post today, as I am feeling every part of it. 

Her post resonated deeply with me, as I too am navigating a cycle of pushing beyond my energy limits. Spaces where I am trying grab the reins and control where and how my journey unfolds. As a business owner and enlightened entrepreneur, it’s easy to fall into the trap of over-working when rest is needed, or trying to control things that should be surrendered.

For me, I find myself in one of the cycles, once again. 

I’m currently working through some adrenal fatigue, even though I have a highly defined Root … yep, you still can burn out your adrenals with a defined Root Center. It’s just shows up differently than you might expect.

Where individuals with an open or undefined Root Center tend to burn out trying to keep up with others, feeling the external pressures to to do more and get everything done at once, those of us with a defined Root Center tend to burn out when they put too much internal pressure on themselves.

Right now, that’s the case for me. And, I can feel a lot of that internal pressure coming from my defined Gate 19, in particular. One of my biggest lessons (as Gate 19 shows up in three of my four spheres in my Prosperity, or Pearl, Sequence in Gene Keys, and is also my conscious and unconscious Jupiter, and unconscious Mars, and Gate 21 being my conscious Mars) is to learn to trust that I am fully supported in all aspects of my life. 

[Note: when I say defined, this means: consistent, reliable access to energy in that particular Gate or Center; you are broadcasting this energy. Whereas when I reference undefined or open, this means: you are absorbing and amplifying the energy of others around you; or, you don’t have consistent access to that energy]

With both those Gates showing up in my chart, I need to remember and really integrate that I don’t need to push or control, or carry, anything.

My path is to learn how to fully trust DIvine Timing and have faith that I have the resources I need. Otherwise, when I don’t, I create unnecessary cords and high-functioning codependency in my business and in my life.

In addition to frying my adrenals again, I’m also find I am having some Thyroid issues (even as a Mani Gen with a defined Throat). So, couple both of those with menopause, and I find myself wiped out and exhausted.

Even though I have a defined Root Center, which is associated with sustainable energy reserves and consistent ability to manage pressure, my adrenal fatigue is an example of how anyone can still burn out if they aren’t honoring their what their body needs and they don’t establish clear, healthy boundaries … even if just for themselves. 

Knowing when enough is enough is a lesson we all can learn. 

One of the things I think is important to highlight is that simply because you have definition in your chart, that doesn’t mean you aren’t still susceptible to burnout and exhaustion. 

It just shows up in different ways as it comes often times from the shadows of that definition and what still is up to be healed in your Soul’s journey.

Depending on which Gates you have activated, different things could be the trigger when you are out of alignment. 

Everything from imposter syndrome, to feeling you need to prove something, to burnout can still show up in those instances. 

Again, Human Design is your operating plan, your energetic blueprint, a tool, to help you understand the triggers and pathways that are holding oyu back, and illuminate the ones that create greater ease and alignment.

Even in understanding and teaching alignment through the lens of Human Design and Gene Keys, I find myself falling into old patterns, every now and then, as I bump up against my own Soul Curriculum.

So, back to my friend.

I absolutely LOVED the vulnerability she demonstrated in her post, and how she continues to show up authentically. She is truly the embodiment of transformational leadership in action.

And, I wanted to share her energy with you. As we are at a crossroads right now, where real leadership is, not only needed, it’s being demanded of us. 

So, I feel compelled to showcase and highlight examples of where I feel individuals are living and leading aligned AF, and who are being guided to shift the level of consciousness in the work that they do.

As for me, I am personally using the energy of this full moon in Scorpio passing through tonight to offer myself space and grace, and lots of forgiveness where I still feel I “fall short.”

We need our tribes and communities to lean in and learn and grow together. We need people who remind us to stay grounded in the humanness of being a transformational leader awakening, activating and amplifying our lights into the world.

Transformational leadership requires us to embody our own vulnerability. For, it’s when we allow others to see behind the magical curtain in Oz that they connect on a deeper level. My friend’s courage to share her struggles reminds us that awakening is an ongoing journey of realignment, not a final destination. By being authentic about our challenges and our falls, we inspire others to embrace their own powerful, yet human experiences.

Who inspires you to lead with radical transparency about your journey as a transformational leader? What practices help you realign when you’ve overextended your energy reserves and find yourself burnt out? 

Share your insights in the comments.

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