Group Play Spaces


I absolutely love guiding and working with transformational thought leaders, light warriors, coaches, and trainers to help them access, activate, and amplify their purpose, passion, unique gifts, and leadership voice.

Creating powerful, engaged, connected communities is one of my favorite things to do. These spaces allows us to learn from each other and grow together.

It's through these powerful communities that we are able to shift the level of leadership consciousness and raise the collective level of leadership. 

Think modern day Mr. Rogers Neighborhood with our very own Care Bear Stare (if you know what I'm talking about ... you are definitely one of my people!)

Leading Aligned AF in HD Mastermind

12-month virtual, interactive, intensive group mastermind container


Everything Human Design, leadership, and leading your Living Legacy!

This is a powerfully interactive & highly engaged group of transformational thoughts leaders, enlightened entrepreneurs & light warriors who seek to truly know who they are, how they operate at their highest level, how the work, play & rest best & what their unique leadership love language is so that they can amplify it into the world. 

In this mastermind, you can expect to:

  • Examine¬†and deeply dig into various contemplations¬†within the systems of¬†Human Design, Gene Keys¬†and¬†Quantum Human Design
  • Embark upon specific design and¬†wiring nuances within your chart to explore and integrate new paradigm shifts and energetic coding.
  • Connect, engage, and play with other like-minded, soul-connected, heart centered, enlightened leaders, light warriors, wayshowers, and creatives.
  • Excavate¬†greater clarity about who you are, how you best operate, and develop a richer understanding about your Soul Curriculum and Purpose.
  • Cultivate meaningful strategies, tools, and resources to create greater influence & impact in the work you put out into the world


Investment: $888 per month


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"Open yourself up to the vulnerability that might meet you in your own reflections."

Candy Leigh, "Finding Life In Between .. .A Journal For Me, To You"

The Quantum Alignment Council

An exclusive high-level consortium of transformational thought leaders. 



Calling all Aligned AF Ducks (or ducks in the making). Welcome to The QAC!

This council represents the most badass, cosmic visionaries, evolutionaries & revolutionaries on the planet who know they are here to create real change.

In bringing this council together, my vibrant vision is that we are eradicating a cycle of fear that has been handed down as a legacy by: 

  • Activating¬†a global culture of impact,¬†empowerment, and accountability.
  • Opening up courageous, connected conversations for greater healing.
  • Creating¬†effective change for millions of people¬†and generations to come.

We, as enlightened leaders, light warriors and creatives have a responsibility to shift the level of consciousness and raise the level of collective leadership. 

 When we come together, we are able to:

  • Access greater knowledge, richer experiences, and deeper paths for healing,
  • Step forward to truly disrupt the current playing field and to shake things up
  • Engage in¬†real¬†courageous, connected conversations¬†we need to be having
  • Build deep, unbreakable bonds with the soul family you¬†called in for yourself
  • Generate¬†meaningful impact, intentional influence and sustainable change
COMING SOON! The Quantum Alignment Coucil

Is a Group Play Space Container for You? 


Not every space is the right fit for you. I understand that, and I recognize that the work I activate, the conversation I facilitate, and the containers I create are not for everybody, nor would I want them to be. 

Therefore, I take deliberate time, and care creating, curating, and facilitating containers that are deeply focused, aligned and carry with them a specific energy. I make it easy for you to say "YES" or "NO".

That being said, my group containers are for you, if you:

  • are committed to engaging with a badass community to accelerate your learning and growth
  • recognize that you bring immense value to the conversation and are willing to fully show up
  • are willing to be open and vulnerable, allowing space for you to be truly seen
  • hold sacred space for others to¬†listen to their truths, their stories, and their perspectives
  • seek the insights, wisdom, and experience of others who also are navigating their own spiritual path
  • ¬†are excited to explore, play,, jump down various rabbit holes, and have a fuckin' blast!

Now, if this screams you, it feels aligned AF, and you are like, "hell YES!" ... then, you have found your home and your posse. We welcome you with open arms, open hearts, no filters, and foul mouths.

Insights from those who came to play

I've been blessed and humbled to work with some amazing souls over the years. 

Annemarie shared this ...

"I joined Candy's Mastermind with the intention of broadening my reach and supporting my service in the corporate arena. What I gained was so much more!

Candy provided not only a wealth of experience both in her facilitation and in the resources she provided. She also created a safe space for questions, discussion, sharing of experiences, and for practice!

Most transformative for me, she reminded us of our responsibility to share our gifts. I left with greater confidence, and the tools, new ideas, and resources to put that confidence to action.

And I have seen incredibly results. Thank you Candy!‚ÄĚ

Terri was busting at the seams ...

“So this is just sinking in...

Because of you, I was 1 degree away from Brené Brown, and got to test her content and support Courage Ranch. I was also able to gain additional motivation for and collaboration on the birth of SeeMeRISE.

Because of you, I am 1 degree away from Brendon Burchard...with 40 weeks of opportunity to completely change my life and powerfully launch the movement that will change, and maybe even save, teens’ lives.

Candy, I don’t know how you’ve gotten so close to these folks, nor what I’ve done to be blessed with the benefits of your labor. My heart is swelling with amazement and optimism about my opportunity to play really big, and in gratitude for you! 

THANK YOU! From the depths of my soul, I thank God for putting you in my life.“