As a Human Design Projector, Following Your Strategy & Waiting for the Invitation Can Feel Like Hell

by candy barone May 21, 2024

Let’s face it, being a Human Design Projector in a Generator world can, honestly, just plain suck. Just ask many of my clients what it’s like. 

You see, I tend to attract a lot of Projectors in the transformational leadership work I do. And, we tend to do a lot of work to heal their current narrative and create an more empowered pathway as a Projector. 

When we address their Projector Pain (a term coined by Evelyn Levenson in her brilliant book: Becoming an Empowered Projector), hating to wait for the invitation is always a big energy we address. 

I may not be a Projector, but I can relate

I am not a Projector. I am an Emotional 6/2 Manifesting Generator. Now, that being said, I also have quite a bit of projected energy in my chart. 

I have 3 projected Channels, am a Line 2 on the design (unconscious) side of my Profile (meaning it’s very prevalent energy in my Incarnation Cross), and out of 26 Gates, 15 of mine consists of either Line 2 or Line 5 energy. 

There’s a lot of projected energy moving around my very fast design. 

So, while my Aura is open and enveloping, and I have a lot of power and speed in my chart (I have the Channel 34–57: the Channel of Power, along with two of the three format Channels), I also have had to learn how to be recognized for my wisdom and wait for the invitation to guide others. 

How I need to be recognized is different than that of a pure Projector Type.

However, I definitely feel a deep sense of empathy and kinship to the challenging path of a Projector living in a Generator world, and can see how easy in can be for the bitterness (not-self theme) to creep in. 

Being a Projector in a Generator world

In studying Human Design over the past six years, it is apparent how much this world was not designed, or at least our current culture, for Projectors. 

In this culture of wind and grind, burn and churn, and hustle for the muscle, it’s no wonder that most Projectors feel overwhelmed, exhausted, burnt out, bitter, and even deep-seated resentment.

Now, the truth is, that our culture is not aligned or healthy for any of the five types. However, non-sacral types, like Projectors (also Manifestors and Reflectors), feel the brunt of it the most. 

Because they do not have consistent access to life force (or work) energy, they are conditioned to try to keep up with the cadence of the Generators and Manifesting Generators (combined, this energy represents 70% of the existing population). This is a surefire path to misalignment. 

A Projector’s role in the world 

A Projector’s Aura is deeply penetrating and absorbing in nature. 

Meaning, a Projector is able to pierce into the dark areas, or shadows, of another person. This can cause a lot of discomfort and even shame for the person their are shining their light into. There light penetrates directly into the G (Identity) Center of that individual. 

Thus, a Projector is able to bring to light areas that are out of integrity or out of alignment, creating an imagine too big to ignore. 

This is why so many Generator types feel great resistance when a Projector pierces their light into them. For once the light penetrates through, it casts an image of what lies beneath, that then the Generator type cannot “unsee” the truth of what becomes illuminated, often their own latent potential. 

And with that, often comes a shit ton of shoulding, shame, guilt, and a whole host of self-deprecating language and energy. 

This is amplified when a Projector shares what they see, offer their wisdom and guidance, yet the invitation was never made by the Generator type. 

It’s one of the biggest roadblocks in effective communications. 

Why recognition matters

Recognition is necessary for a Projector to be able to receive a true invitation (one that is correct, right, and aligned for them).

It’s only in recognition of the value, wisdom, guidance, advice, and magic a Projector has to offer that a powerful and expansive invitation can be made. For this opens a pathway for deeper intimacy and space for the Projectors light to penetrate through and illuminate what they see. 

Too many times, because the wait to recevie the invitation takes so long, a Projector finds themselves saying yes to any invitation, not the right ones for them. There needs to be genuine recognition of them individually, first.

So, what constitutes an invitation anyway?

An invitation is an opening, a doorway, a portal, for a Projector to be able to powerfully share their wisdom. It is a request for a Projector to shine their penetrating light into the G (Identity) Center of the other person. 

In doing so, they then are able to shine their light on where the other person is out of integrity with themselves, or way they have veered off the right path or direction that is aligned for them. 

A Projector then uses their unique guidance system to offer the course correction the other person needs to move in a more authentic direction.

In a sense, a Projector is able to “poke” at the core wounds that need to be healed, often in the realm of the other person sense of worth and identity. 

How does a Projector know whether an invitation is the right one for them?

First, what’s not a correct or right invitation for them:

  • social media
  • random “bright idea”
  • someone feeling like they “should” invite you, or is being patronizing or has their own “agenda” in the invitation
  • being invited by someone who doesn’t see your magic and the value of your wisdom / guidance

Second, what does an aligned invitation look like:

  • one that is specific to you (not a general sweeping invitation)
  • one that recognizes your innate value, gifts, and wisdom
  • one that feels as if someone or the Universe is creating a “soul invitation” or as if a door has been opened

As a Projector, an aligned invitation allows you to guide or develop a level of intimacy in your relationships with others (including the platonic ones).

Waiting for the invitation isn’t meant to be passive 

Let’s dispel one of the biggest misperceptions about Projectors and their Strategy to wait for the invitation. In no way is it meant to be passive. 

I’m going to say that again: In NO way is waiting for the invitation meant to be passive in nature. It’s meant to be a space for you to “do YOU.”

You are not meant to sit idle twiddling your thumbs, hoping and praying that someone, anyone, sees you, values you, and recognizes you.

No, you are meant to do all the things that bring you joy, wonder, awe, curiosity, excitement, restoration, and delight. 

You are meant to become the invitation, itself. 

While you are “waiting”, use the time to fill your own cup to create more overflow (as you want to be able to pour from the saucer, not the cup).

You can do this by:

  • studying, honing, or researching your craft as an opportunity to enhance your mastery
  • dive down rabbit holes where you find yourself curious
  • read books you've been wanting to dig into
  • rest, recharge, and restore your resources
  • connect to nature (long walks, hikes, or hug a tree)

It’s about you connecting back to yourself and being more than doing

As such, you amplify your own magnetic force field and raise your vibration and frequency to call in the big, juicy invitations meant for you.

You become the invitation 

As you wait for the invitation, you also DO NOT need an invitation to share your truth or to follow your own inner compass.

It’s only in making yourself visible that the right invitations can come.

If you’re a Projector who has struggled with waiting for invitations or felt misunderstood, know that you’re not alone. 

Embrace your unique nature and let your light shine. 

Be the invitation itself by living authentically in integrity with your truth. When the right opportunities arise, you’ll be ready to share your wisdom.

The world needs your leadership, your guidance, and your voice. In becoming truly aligned AF in your Projector-ness, you become the empowered example of what truly possible. 

And, as a result, you light the world up with your magic. 

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