Book Review: "Fast Like a Girl" by Dr. Mindy Pelz

by candy barone Apr 12, 2023

This past year has found me doing a LOT of research on the subject of menopause, the mighty “m” word, as this journey I have found myself on has truly kicked my ass.


Perhaps, you can relate?


That being said I found myself, a couple of years ago, listening to an episode on LeAnn Rimes’ podcast, Wholly Human (which is amazing, by the way … and, one of my favorite podcasts. I love the open conversations and topics she digs into, not to mention the vulnerability in which she shares her own story … ok, I digress ūüėČ), where she interviewed Dr. Mindy Pelz.


Dr. Mindy is an expert and authority on the subject of women’s health, and until very recently ran a clinic in San Jose (Silicon Valley), CA, where she treated women on a daily basis with full client load. In the meantime, she also has been creating a powerful online platform, as she is on a mission to educate and empower women around their own bodies and wellness.


Let’s just say that this particular episode on the podcast was a pivotal moment for me in 2021 … and, it has lead me onto a beautiful path of discovery of myself, my hormones, the world of fasting, and my body, in general.


Now, before I dig into my review of her latest work, Fast Like a Girl, I must confess something first. I was extremely skeptical around the idea of fasting. I thought it was BS. And, like many other women, I thought fasting was about deprivation. starving myself, and not something that could be truly nourishing for my body.


I honestly thought it was another fad diet, and that it was about eliminating food and calories. I saw it coming from a lack mentality, a quick-fix, not healthy, responsible, or sustainable, and definitely not something I wanted to entertain, or even embrace, for myself.


But, let me tell you something … I was wrong. In fact, I was VERY wrong!


Fasting, when done right, is a fucking game-changer! I am so glad I opened up my thinking around this and came from a growth mindset versus a fixed one. and that I leaned into the whisper and urging to learn more.


Something about Dr. Mindy’s transparency, her passion, and her energy spoke to my soul and drew me in deeply on that podcast. So, I decided to check out her work. I’m so glad I did.


[Check out Dr. Mindy’s website:]


Fair warning, I may cry a little as I share my experience.


Dr. Mindy’s work is truly incredible, especially for those of us who are experiencing perimenopause, menopause or post-menopause. She has spent decades researching how women’s cycles work, how we should fast (and, if they should), along with how best we can nourishes our own bodies … and it isn’t about calorie deprivation.


In fact, it’s the completely opposite. Right there, that, in and of itself, is a game-changer!


It’s about healing our gut and liver (which, truthfully most people in the Western hemisphere are in serious need of), about resetting and re-regulating our hormones, and it’s about getting “unstuck” from insulin resistance and inflammation taking us down.


The information she shares is both extremely generous and impactful. Seriously, follow her YouTube channel and you will see … she shares at least one video of rich content a week. Her videos are engaging and offer quick hits of some really, really good content.


Plus, she’s a woman after my own heart: Dr. Mindy gives it to you straight, pulls no punches, and most definitely does not sugarcoat shit.


[Dr. Mindy’s YouTube Channel:


Every since that podcast episode, I have been immersed in the videos she shares weekly on YouTube, have read her first book, The Menopause Reset, and have been part of her Resetter Community. I have also have done several of her fasting programs with great success.


[To pre-order a 2nd edition copy of “The Menopause Reset”: Menopause-Reset-Symptoms-Younger-Again/dp/1401974392]


Her work has truly revolutionized my life. And, I don’t say that lightly.


She has taught me the power of varied intermittent fasting and a ketobiotic lifestyle, that when paired in alignment to your natural cycle and rhythms changes everything. She also has taught me how to properly break a fast for better autophagy, healing, and to build greater muscle mass.


And the truth is: I actually eat more than ever. A lot more. This is straight facts.


Remember when I said her work is not about starving yourself. It’s not.


I seriously eat far more calories now than I ever did (which actually was one of my issues … not eating enough calories for my body and the phase of life I am in). Because women who are in perimenopause and menopause tend to eat more calories, not less! We need to fuel our bodies for the massive change of life our bodies are undergoing.


Our hormones need to be fed. And, fed with the right foods, in condensed windows … rather than mindlessly eating crap all day long, or starving ourselves and not eating enough.


Despite what you see on socials or claims you hear from celebrities, fasting isn’t, and should’t be, about calorie deprivation or starving yourself.


That is utter bullshit! Period. Hard stop.


It’s about the right calories … actually, macros … as it’s not about calories AT ALL.


It’s about the balance of which macros (fat, protein, and carbs … yes, carbs!) you feed your body during which phase of your cycle you’re in. And, it’s about varying your approach as you move through your natural cycle as a woman.


There are periods when eating a more ketobiotic (or even Paleo) diet serve you best, and then other times you increase your protein load. During your Nurture Phase, you should be eating far more good carbs (once again, YES carbs!), like sweet potatoes, root vegetables, organic whole grains, and quinoa.


It’s about eating! Eating the right thing at the right time in the right window for YOU.


It’s about fueling and nourishing your body. It’s about healing your body. It’s about taking your personal power and sovereignty back. It’s about coming home.


Now while I follow other naturopaths and functional medicine doctors who, while there work is fantastic, much of it comes from the lens of fasting for men, I have found that it's not specific to the needs of women … especially those who are dealing with menopause in any of its stages.


Enter Dr. Mindy’s new book: Fast Like a Girl.


This book takes years of her research, synthesizes a lot of her content, and brings it forward in an approachable, streamlined, and highly accessible manner.


It’s truly a roadmap for your wellness and health.


And, I absolutely love the way the book is organized, and how Dr. Mindy gives you a step-by-step blueprint of how to map out your plan, that is uniquely and beautifully customized for you.


That’s my favorite part … her approach is designed to work exclusively for YOU. To be a customized approach for your own health journey. To help you create a roadmap that meets you where you’re at and gives you the tools and resources you need.


Everything I’ve learned has been a life-changing way to reclaim my personal power.


To remember that I am a sovereign being and that my body knows how to heal itself. And, as such, I have been able to reclaim my health and my energy back, as well. The mighty “m” word isn’t as daunting anymore, as I am able to navigate menopause with greater ease and less of the symptoms that take me out. My body feels vibrant, healthy and strong.


And, much of my inflammation is gone, too.


All I can say is a big, huge massive thank you to Dr. Mindy, and her work. It has given me hope when menopause has tried repeatedly to kick my ass and take me out. I feel more in control of my body and my life once again.


All because I follow the rabbit hole of my own curiosity. Because I decided to lean in, when originally it was a hard pass. Because I chose me in this crazy journey of life. Because I invested in myself and did the work.


And, I wish the same success for you.


Please grab you copy … I promise you it will be worth the investment, and the time you put in to really dig into it and integrate her teachings into your life.


[To order your copy of “Fast Like a Girl”:


With deep respect and reverence,


- Candy


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