Ducks in a Row … Please, Mine Aren't Even in the Same Pond, and I Think One Might Be a Flamingo

by candy barone Jun 21, 2024

We live under the notion that somehow we need to get all our ducks in a row before we can take massive action. 

I’m curious, what ducks?

The idea of waiting until everything is just so … or, that somehow I have to wrangle in these ducks and get them all in a row … sounds like a lot of work, and a pathway for procrastination, delay, and disappointment. 

I’m pretty sure whatever ducks I might have are most definitely NOT in the same pond, and that at least one of them is a flamingo, or even a platypus.

I think about how many missed opportunities and all the ways we hold ourselves back waiting for these quackers to march in a single file line and stand in some kind of formation. 

It’s ridiculous when you think about it, yet we let this notion keep us hostage to our dreams, and in taking massive inspired action. 

For me, the only “duck” in the equation is me. 

The only duck I am concerned with

Have you ever studied the behaviors of a duck? Like really watch what goes on above and below the surface?

Typically when you see a duck, you only see what they hold steady above the surface. Often, their demeanor appears calm, collected, and poised.

However, if you were to get closer, you might notice something interesting going on beneath the surface, as well. 

Ducks use their legs to fight against the buoyant force of the water, where their rapidly paddle their legs in a forward thrust type of motion, propelling them slightly forward all the while appearing to keep them still. 

So, rather than trying to herd cats, or get your ducks in a rows, let yourself become an aligned AF duck instead.

Becoming an aligned AF duck

Imagine for a second all the forces that push against you on any given day. Hell, in any given moment. Life is constantly in motion. 

Typically that motion is rapid and harsh. 

So much so that it even creates tidal waves that knock us back, and sometimes leave us gasping for air as we try to catch our breath after the wind got knocked out of us. 

It creates an opportunity for us to become an aligned AF ducks.

Becoming an aligned AF duck is about embracing your unique energy and flow, where you’re not fighting against the current of your true nature, but rather using it to propel you forward.

An aligned AF duck doesn’t worry about what the other ducks are doing. 

It doesn’t try to swim like a swan or soar like an eagle. 

Instead, it paddles to the beat of its own drum. Dances and swims to it’s innate rhythm, uses its own strengths, and moves through life with authenticity, intention, and purpose.

Even when we’re convinced we’re just an awkward, ugly duckling, it’s in our path to become aligned AF that our beautiful, magnificent swan emerges. 

Being aligned AF is about finding that sweet spot where your actions feel inspired and effortless, where you’re in sync with your desires, your truth.

It’s where your inner paddling matches the flow of the water around you, creating momentum, and dynamic motion, without exhaustion or struggle.

Constant motion is key. Even just paddling to stay upright is crucial. Without it, life’s waves can easily knock us flat.

Now, before I take this even further, let me preface to say that I am not talking about frantic, frenetic, busy, hectic, and hustle movement. 

I am talking about the movement of momentum. 

Moving in alignment vs. sheer willpower

We struggle currently to grasp the concept of aligned movement. We buy into a hustle mindset and think the only way to success is to wind and grind, and burn and churn, pushing harder and harder along the way. 

These belief creates a frenzy of activity and often has us exhausted and wanting to tap out, thus missing some of the juiciest opportunities. 

When I talk about movement, I am talking about the easy, inspired action that comes with creating aligned momentum. 

It’s the intuitive spark or download, the response to what presents, or the accepting the big, juicy invitation that makes us feel expansive depending on what Human Design type you are. 

Your Human Design type, whether you’re a Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, or Reflector, influences how you best create momentum and move energy. 

Momentum and your energetic blueprint

Each Human Design type has its unique way of aligning with opportunities and taking inspired action. The key is understanding your type and working with your natural energy flow, rather than against it.

The Manifestor tends to receive a spark or download that directs the inspired creation or initiation they can set into motion. 

For the Generator and Manifesting Generator, they are here to respond to life itself, and wait for those things to present in their outer reality that trigger a guttural response that feels expansive and exciting. 

A Projector needs to be recognized for the value and wisdom they have to offer, then be ready for the big invitations to share that magic. 

Reflectors are a bit different as they need to wait out at least one lunar cycle to know what feels right and correct for them.

Regardless of what type you are, if you’re energy is not in some form of dynamic motion, creating it’s correct momentum, those opportunities meant for you might just pass you by. 

Real movement is about creating alignment to your truth and allowing the energy of your authentic self to shine through, magnetizing the right people, ideas, projects, and opportunities to share your leadership gifts. 

Creating stillness in motion

Here’s a revolutionary thought: Imagine creating stillness while in motion. 

If you understand that the motion I am referring to is more energetic than physical, then it’s only in our own stillness (especially in our minds), that we can energetically call in the work we’re here to create. 

In our ability to slow down to speed up, we stabilize the way we paddle (to bring it back to the duck analogy) so that we use our energy wisely. 

Rather than constantly fighting against things, we learn to dance with them. A natural rhythm comes through in our movement against the water.

Here’s the catch: we need to start moving to create momentum. 

It’s simply Newton’s first law of motion, also known as the Law of Inertia:

“A body in motion stays in motion. A body at rest stays at rest.”

Meaning nothing happens if nothing happens.

Let’s take the movie, The Secret, as a prime example. I have heard a lot of people tell that it “doesn’t work.” 

When I probe as to why they think that, their response is “Well, I told the Universe what I what, and nothing happened”

This notion that all we have to do is dream it up and make our request is absurd and completely ridiculous. While, yes, that is one component, most people are leaving out the most impactful and magical part. 

Their part in the equation. 

When you get clear on the dream or desire, then make your “request” to the Universe, you need to then do your part.

You need to take inspired action. And, you need to shift your own frequency and vibration to energetically align to what you want to call in. 

It does not mean sitting on your ass, twiddling your fingers, waiting for some stupid ducks to get in a row, and some sign from the heavens to light a fire under ass to have you do something. 

Instead, you need to ask yourself: “How do I do my part?”

As a Projector, that might mean replenishing your resources so that you have a sustainable and sufficient reserve to draw from when the right and correct invitations for you show up. 

That in the interim while you are waiting for the right invitation, you are doing things that bring you joy and hone your mastery, making you the magnetic invitation to call in what’s meant for you. 

Generators and Manifesting Generators, you might need to play. 

Yes, this goes against everything we’ve been taught about work, but I would challenge you that the reason you feel stuck or like you are not getting things to respond to that feel delicious, joyful, and exciting is because your creative flow is blocked. Play is the anecdote.

Now, for the Manifestors, if you are always trying to make things happen instead of creating energy (and listening) to the intuitive whisper and downloads that ignite that creative spark of yours, you will find yourself pushing against the natural flow and rhythm of life. Talk about exhausting. 

Reflectors, give yourself time to simple be and allow the flow of life to create your momentum. Yours is one deeply connected to lunar cycles. 

Doing your part

The point I will reiterate is that YOU need to do YOUR part, energetically. 

So, rather than trying to herd cats, or get your ducks in a rows, let yourself become an aligned AF duck instead. 

For, when you understand how to paddle against the buoyant forces of life, and learn to dance with the natural flow and rhythm of the water, you then can feel the energy of your legs moving underneath, while maintaining your composure and calm on the surface.

I am a duck. 

Those legs might be paddling hard some days. 

I may feel the energy of imposter syndrome creep in as the noise takes over, and the waves get bigger, and feel the anxiety rise as I wonder how I am going to do the thing. Yet, I need to keep paddling.

Taking inspired action

The myth of ‘getting your ducks in a row’ has kept too many of us treading water, waiting for perfect conditions that never arrive. 

But life isn’t about perfection — it’s about progress. 

Whether you’re a Manifestor with a creative spark, a Generator-type responding to life’s opportunities, a Projector waiting for the right invitation, or a Reflector aligning with lunar cycles, your power lies in embracing your unique energy and taking the correct aligned action.

It’s about being an aligned AF, authentic duck who moves forward despite fear and uncertainty, or the size of the waves. Keep paddling. 

Your legs may be paddling furiously beneath the surface, but that’s what propels you forward. Embrace the chaos. 

It’s in this beautiful mess of aligned action that true magic happens.

Now, it’s time to for you to dive in:

  1. Identify your ‘duck status’: Are you waiting for perfect alignment or ready to create momentum?
  2. Based on your Human Design type, choose one inspired action you can take today to move closer to your goals.
  3. Share your commitment in the comments below. What’s the one thing you’ll do to start paddling and stay in motion?
  4. Challenge a friend to do the same. As the saying goes, “it takes a village (or flock).” Tag them and share the ‘Aligned AF Ducks’ movement!

Stop waiting to create some arbitrary ducks in a row. Let’s create a ripple effect of inspired, aligned action, instead.

After all, the most interesting ponds are those with a diversity of creatures, each moving to their own rhythm. 

So, what will your first paddle be?

Drop a “quack quack” below if you’re ready to be an Aligned AF Duck!


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