How My Passion for Lifelong Learning Fueled My Company's Transformation

by candy barone May 25, 2024

To say things got a bit wonky the past several years would be a mild understatement. I know I’m not the only business owner who found herself assessing and taking inventory of every aspect of her company, as a result. 

The pandemic shifted a lot. It’s also illuminated new paths for opportunity. 

Yet, while the idea of infinite potential and endless possibilities presented themselves as new opportunities, there was also the notion of needing to hit a hard reset and pivot everything as it once was.

That meant letting go of previous outcomes, expectations, and my own ego.

It was a prompt to re-evaluate and deconstruct the very framework on which my company was initially built. To come back to basics.

The basics of being a voracious learner was key

Amidst all the uncertainty, I found myself gravitating towards what has always grounded me: an eagerness to learn and grow. 

One of my favorite things, and a huge part of my wiring as illustrated in my Human Design, is my voracious love of studying and learning.

My passion for being a lifelong student became the driving force for reinventing my company during this challenging period.

I’ve figured out a way to make being a student my career and my life path. 

In fact, I found that my magic comes when I allow myself to be immersed in my hermit mode where I can dive deep, way deep, into the things that peak my curiosity and speak to my desire for mastery.

This has been the case over the past several years, navigating through uncertainty, pivots, and market shifts during the pandemic and beyond. I found myself reevaluating how I was going to business, the infrastructure of my organization, and how I serve my clients. 

In doing so, my company underwent a major metamorphosis. 

This change wasn’t a small tweak, but a full-scale business transformation.

To be honest, it feels a bit as if I was a caterpillar going through it’s chrysalis only to emerge as a fully grown butterfly, learning to spread out and use it’s wings fully, on the other side. 

From overhauling my service offerings to restructuring how I engage with my one-to-one clients and larger communities, no stone was left unturned.

When things got tough, and the challenges felt a bit overwhelming, I leaned into what I know best: my desire to study, learn, and grow. I went back to my tools, resources, books, and teachers for guidance. 

I studied, I observed, I paid attention to market shifts, trends, and I deconstructed my own systems. 

I also found myself listening to the whisper within my own heart, asking me to lean in further to a specific areas of study: Human Design.

While I have spent the last six years studying the systems of Human Design, Gene Keys, and Quantum Human Design, I also have been integrating this learning and understanding into the work I do with my one-to-one clients. 

Integration of what I learn is key

Which is why I tend to teach in conjunction with my learning, as it’s only in being able to bridge my immersive study with my experiences that I am able to fully integrate the wisdom in how I better serve my clients. 

My mastery comes when I share those experiences and bring forward the wisdom I’ve extracted in a way that is practical and useful. It’s how I integrate my learning and embody the wisdom of my experiences. 

In doing this, I restructured my propriety strategic planning framework to incorporate a new dimension to fully integrate my clients’ energetic blueprint into the process to provide a more holistic approach. 

My online programs and group containers were restructured to bring Human Design more intentionally into my offerings.

As a Manifesting Generator, I also seek to bend time, making the learning process (mine and others), and path to mastery, faster. I want to cut out unnecessary steps and finding quicker ways to elevate how work gets done.

Over the past 6 years, I have been a dedicated student of the Human Design system. Thanks, in great part, to the initiation of a (true to form) Manifestor client who was in my mastermind back in 2018.

After I returned home from a rather revealing and enlightening spiritual retreat in Vancouver, one that had my reeling and raw, she suggested that I explore my Human Design as I was sharing my experience with my group.

Once the resistance passed (yes, I had huge resistance at the initiation, as I thought it was just another “woo woo” assessment tool), I quickly found my insatiable curiosity got the best of me.

A mere jump down a random rabbit hole and a brand new world open up.

One that made sense unlike anything else I had previously dug into. 

I have since spent countless hours (and years) immersed in the study of Human Design, Gene Keys, and Quantum Human Design.

I incorporated this body of work into the way I coach clients, develop leaders, and crate connected teams, cultures, and communities.

It’s started to become a new language for me, and for my clients. 

Evolving my coaching methodology and training programs to integrate Human Design principles was one of the biggest transformations. 

By aligning our approach with each client’s energetic blueprint, we could accelerate growth in a more sustainable way. 

This transformed how we did business at the core.

Understanding the magic in my own wiring

Once I jumped in and started to explore more, I found I could connect dots where I couldn’t before, that I was finding answers to difficult questions, and that I felt a sense of confirmation and validation in things I’ve always known, yet never could seem to adequately articulate or explain.

I have a language, a roadmap, an energetic blueprint, and operating plan. 

I soon came to find out, that aspects of that knowing isn’t something I am here to explain. As my design shows me, I came into this world as an old soul with an innate wisdom about certain things (my Line 2 in my Profile).

It wasn’t long before I began to realize and understand that some of what comes easy to me, doesn’t come easy to others. 

Though, to be honest, I still struggle with seeing my gifts here. And, as part of my Line 2, I need others to recognize and call that magic out. They’re gifts that elude me at times, as it’s just my natural way of being. 

Something really reassuring in understanding why you are the way you are. In understanding my Type, Strategy, Authority, and Profile, I was able to see why I show up the way I do in the world, and in my business.

The more I explored, the more validation I was able to give myself. 

Now, as a business owner transitioning amidst massive shifts, both personal and professional, this become such a grounding point for me and a beacon of light, or the light at the end of a long, winding tunnel. 

Deeper excavation into my Human Design

Now, if you’ve ever looked at your own chart, or had someone do a Human Design reading for you, then you know how complex the system is. You also know how overwhelming all the information can be. 

Which is why I believe the only way to truly understand what lives within your chart is to, first, break all the foundational piece apart to explore what lies hidden in the coding there. Then, from there you can take deeper rabbit hole dives to contemplate the deeper nuances. 

One of the core aspects of Human Design is understanding your ‘Profile’, which describes different energetic roles you embody in this life. My specific profile contains two key energies. 

The first (my Line 6) is the drive to teach and share the wisdom I’ve gathered through lived experiences. The second (my Line 2) holds the need to continually immerse myself in learning and deepening my self-knowledge. 

These two energies within me are complementary and synergistic, yet they can also pull me in different directions at times.

On one hand, a part of me craves being out in the world, learning through my interactions and relationships with others. This allows me to synthesize wisdom from diverse experiences that I can then teach. 

On the other hand, I need to disconnect from the world at times, caving out, and turning inward for solitary study, reflection, contemplation, and deepening my mastery over the things I’m most passionate about.

Those things, along with my own embodiment of the wisdom I have extracted through my life lessons and experiences (there have been many), are the very things I am here to teach and model.

Continuing to fuel my desire to learn

Now, as I embark upon the next piece of my journey, and dive even deeper into the world of Human Design, I find myself working to complete full certification in Quantum Human Design, as well.

I have made a powerful commitment to invest in my growth by becoming a Level 4 (highest level) in Quantum Human Design. Level 4 is only offered at certain times … this year it will start in October.

Therefore, over the next 4 months, I will be doing the work to get certified in Levels 1–3 to be ready for the final step later this year.

I spent the bulk of today diving into Level 1. Even in studying this material the past 6 years, I found it took most of the day to take a sizable chunk out of my training. I am happy to report that I am 30% of the way to being certified as a Level 1 specialist.

The best part, is while I know a majority of the content in the certification training, I still found myself learning new contexts, frames, and ways in which to share this body of work in even more practical ways.

I am excited with all that is growing, especially my own understanding. 

As I continue to immerse myself in this work, I will be sharing new insights and learnings, as I need to be able to integrate as I go.

It’s all part of the path to becoming more and more aligned AF.

My continual drive to learn, unlearn, and relearn has been the catalyst for reinventing my company and myself in alignment with my highest principals. 

I encourage you to examine your relationship to being a lifelong student. 

Is it just a cliché you give lip service to? 

Or, is it a passion that will propel you towards your own metamorphosis?

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