I Caught a Glimpse of My Gift Today ...

you empowered strong May 04, 2019
"I caught a glimpse of my gift today."

Have you ever spent 3 full days creating an intimate, loving space where you get to fully pour into individuals who are curious, hungry and open for change? Who welcome possibilities? Who are willing to do the deep, immersive work to rise to their next level? 

Then, please allow me to share a little piece of what that experience is like ... as I want you to be able to savor it and consider bringing the same into your life. 
To give of yourself completely, to step into your gifts at your highest ability and best capability, to leave nothing on the table when you are done ... is truly one of the most incredible, rewarding and humbling spaces you can experience.

To be part of the energy that helps lift others into their greatness, to show them the power of love, belief, faith and trust ... and, the power within them is unlike anything else you can do. 

It fills your soul. It get way down deep into your very core. It fills your heart and has your overflowing with gratitude, love and awe. My heart spilled over in buckets last night as I easily cried as many tears of joy and gratitude as the rain brought with the storm we had last night in Austin. 

For not only did the participants who trusted my guidance and gave themselves permission to be fully wide open vulnerable shift, grow and rise to their next level ... so did I. As I used to tell a friend of mine when he would ask, "How was it? How did your event go? ... my response would be, "I caught a glimpse of my gift today."

Today, as I reflect over the past 3 days ... 3 days filled with grace, curiosity, love, trust, connections and beautiful shifts, I see a bigger glimpse of my gifts. I see how I am being asked to play even bigger and impact more. I see how now that I have turn a corner into my next level that there is no turning back, no more playing small. 
I am being asked to help raise the level of consciousness. To help build stronger, deeper, more connected communities and conversations. To help people choose to lead ... to step into their gifts, their greatness ... and, lead from love, with great love. To help each individual take personal responsibility for who they choose to show up, for how they choose to serve, and for how they choose to impact and influence. 

Today, is a rebirth. Today is a renewal of my commitment to show up fully, to serve openly, and to love unconditionally.

"I caught a glimpse of my gift today."

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