Making the Study & Exploration of Human Design a Little Easier

by candy barone Jun 12, 2024

When it comes to studying Human Design, let’s be honest … it can get pretty overwhelming rather quickly.

There is no lack of random rabbit holes and information you can explore.

Once you jump down one rabbit hole, you quickly find yourself lost in a sea of endless information, figures, nuances, and layers. Before you realize it, the compound effect takes over and your find yourself frustrated and quit.

You get excited and want to dig into all of it, yet you find yourself getting lost quickly and soon feel like you’re drinking from a fire hose. 

I know this all too well. 

For, I have spent the last six years studying these tools, the various aspects of Human Design, along with extractions like Gene Keys and the Success Codex, in addition to now pursuing full certification as a Level 4 Quantum Human Design Specialist. 

As I’ve engaged in this study and in my own contemplations, I began to realize that there had to be a more streamlined methodology to best weed through and navigate the endless amounts of information available. 

So, in order to make understanding Human Design easier and more digestible, I created a “roadmap” (one that I use with my own clients) to break down this approach into more bite-size components.

In this approach, I map out which aspects of your chart to dig into first, and how to make sense of the steps that naturally follow to bring all the components together seamlessly and in a way that feels easier. 

Here is my approach:

The first step is the foundational elements. 

When people begin their journey in Human Design, they often skip over the fundamentals too quickly. There’s a belief that these aspects are not as sexy or juicy as some of the other components. 

At least, that seems to be the running rumor. 

I would argue that there is some serious magic and fire in the foundational aspects when you spend a little time with them. 

That being said, there are three fundamental pieces you need to start with: your Type, Strategy, and Authority. 

These three aspects are key to understanding the basic of how you are wired, how you best make decisions, and how you are most aligned. 

In order to make sense of the added “flavoring” of the rest of the chart, it is essential that you understand the overall role you are here to play. 

Start with your Type: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, or Reflector. You Type offers a ton of insight into what is “right/correct” for you and what you are here to do in the world. 

From that, you can then better understand your key Signature, Not-Self theme, and Strategy for how you best make decisions and show up fully. 

Only then can you understand how your Authority: Sacral, Emotional, Splenic, Self-Projected, Ego, or Mental, affects the way you operate for your Type and Strategy. Together, they start to complete a more robust picture. 

After you get a good sense of the Core 3, then you start to assess your unique Profile (the fraction on your chart) and your Centers (exploring the impact of both the definition and openness in your chart).

For example, if you have an open Head Center, you may find that your mind races with constant thoughts and mental chatter. However, having this Center open also allows you to be an excellent listener and take in information from others without getting stuck in your own rigid ideas. 

On the other hand, a defined Sacral Center, for instance, indicates someone who has a strong gut instinct and ability to feel energetically motivated towards the right actions for them. They respond to life and are here to do the meaningful work of the world. 

Once you explore all that, you could stop there. 

Really understanding the Core 3, your Profile, and Centers is likely enough to help you recognize what alignment looks like (and feels like) for you. 

Of course, you can always take your journey deeper …

A deeper exploration into your operating plan

After you get to know the foundational elements (your Core 3, Profile, and Centers), you now can start digging into all the “flavors” in your chart. 

This is where you can extract out key leadership markers and your unique leadership language through the lens of your Channels, Gates, and Planetary Aspects (where the Gates live in your chart). 

From there, you can look at the Variables (the 4 arrows at the top of your chart), your Determination, Cognition, Environment, and all the “extras”. 

It’s in these elements that you can really dial into to how you best consume information and food, what types of environments feel most expansive and healthy to you, how you manifest, what routines and self-care feel most aligned, and a slew of other interesting nuances about how you operate. 

There’s more than just “Human Design” to explore

After digging into the layers within your Human Design chart, you may want to consider adding insights from your Gene Keys, as well. 

Gene Keys offers insights into your Shadow, Gift, and Siddhi (higher level consciousness) for each of the Gates (Gene Keys) defined in your chart. 

Gene Keys, much like the download Ra Uru Hu experienced with Human Design, was a download Richard Rudd received (a student of Ra’s). 

Whereas Human Design is a more masculine framework and language created to help trigger awareness around how we are living as our not-self, Gene Keys brings a richer, more feminine language to the energies that live within each Gate (or Gene Key). 

Inside this study, you then become familiar with three sequences on where you power lives: your Activation (Genius) Sequence, your Venus (Love) Sequence, and your Pearl (Prosperity) Sequence.

Thus, these three sequences illustrate how you best align to your work, how you operate successfully in relationships, and how you create / attract abundance with greater ease, respectively. 

You then can explore the facets of your specific Career Chart and Success Codex, which maps out four distinctive paths for success as a business owner, entrepreneur, or transformational leader. 

Adding in Quantum Human Design

Finally, as you bring all the aspects of your unique energetic blueprint together, after better understanding where you are operating as your not-self and out of alignment, along with where there still is Shadow energy present, we introduce the language and tools of Quantum Human Design.

Quantum Human Design is a more expansive, embodied, enlightened vocabulary that gives us higher vibrational frequencies to use when reframing or rewriting our current narrative. 

We have the power to change our limiting beliefs and the story attached to them anytime along the path to remembering who we are. It’s in the language of Quantum Human Design that we can elevate our own energy to awaken, activate, and amplify our leadership voice and the gifts we are here to share with the world and others. 

Quantum Human Design gives us the framework to bring the fullest expression of our truth and authenticity to the forefront. 

It’s the source of our greatest alignment, sovereignty, and empowerment. 

Bringing it all together

This is my approach to helping individuals, leaders, and teams fully access their unique operating plans, and is a resource that works well to help create space for better understanding, contemplation, and integration.

Let me stress that Human Design is not something to “figure” out.

It’s a system, a tool really, that provides the context for the threads of your current narrative, and insights for you to ruminate and contemplate to see what holds the most resonance for you. 

You are in the driver seat the entire way. 

It’s a journey and exploration, not something you arrive at. In fact, it’s part of the overall Soul Curriculum we are each here live out. 

There are things you are meant to bump against, and will your entire life. The system of Human Design, and all the ancillary extractions, provide access to greater insights to help us navigate that journey. 

The deeper you go, the more your chart has to share with you.

I like to say, “Human Design meets you where you’re at, and is the onion with endless amounts of layers to be peeled back.”

If you’d like assistance as you are navigate through this approach, I’m here to help. We can start with a foundational reading. Again, everything starts from the Core 3: your Type, Strategy, and Authority.

Even if you have been studying Human Design for a while, or have had other readings, my approach (as you can see) is quite different.

My approach helps provide you a more robust context and necessary tools for practical application in your life, leadership, and business.

As you can see from the visual above, my approach is comprehensive in nature, as it brings in a complete synthesis of traditional Human Design, Gene Keys, the Success Codex, and Quantum Human Design.

I hope you find this model useful. ❤

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