New Year ... Same You, Real You & More Aligned AF You

by candy barone Jan 03, 2023

“New Year, New You” … ugh, that expression drives me nuts, In fact, all the hype around the New Year makes me absolutely crazy, to be perfectly honest.


It’s like we pretend we have this arbitrary switch that we are suppose to turn on that is going to change everything.


And, then we wonder why we end up failing before we’ve even really get started.


I mean most New Year’s resolutions fizzle out within a week of setting them … or best case scenario, by February. There is no real depth or substance behind most of them.


Actually, there’s a TON of BS piled into all the expectations, shoulding, shaming, and resolutions we think are magically going to transform us.

Let’s be real for a moment … they’re not.


Because there is no magic wand that takes you out of doing the REAL work.


And, the REAL work starts with YOU.


Don’t get me wrong, I truly value the process of setting goals. In fact, it’s a good part of the work I do to help others gain greater clarity and more focus on their lives and businesses.


But, goals for the sake of goals are no better than being busy for the sake of being BUSY (Buried Under Shoulding on Yourself). You know, the ultimate four-letter word holding you back.


So, better yet … let me reframe that: I value the process of setting meaningful, intention-driven, aligned AF goals that catalyze you to take inspired action connected to YOUR powerful “why.”


And, that requires REAL work.


Meaningful work.


It also requires space and grace.


For most people, myself included, the holidays can be extremely challenging and really tough. They can be laced with unhealed trauma, dysfunctional family dynamics, abuse, abandonment, grief, or just a shit ton of pressure.


To think we can just “hit a switch” immediately coming out of all that “NOISE” is beyond ridiculous. In fact, it’s actually asinine!


We need to do better.


Mental health issues, the bigger pandemic (if you ask me), that we are struggling with as a collective society is exasperated for so many people during and immediately after the holidays.


We need space to process, to reflect, to nurture our minds, our bodies and our spirits. We need time to restore, to replenish, and even to rest.


We need grace to ease into a greater intention for ourselves. But, first, we need space to come back home … to ourselves, and to what’s really important and meaningful.


We need to be able to reset, to recalibrate.

Even the energy around us is asking and inviting us to do just that.


Right now, we are in some strong Capricorn energy with Mercury retrograde. We also are about to shift into a deeply emotional Cancer full moon … all of this is saying be gentle, slow, and nurturing with yourself.

Let me say that again: “Be gentle, slow, deliberate, and nurturing with yourself.”

Slow down to speed up.


For, it’s in the non-doing that we are our most creative. Even just sitting here, in this moment, not “doing” anything, this blog post channeled effortlessly through me.


Give yourself space and grace for the new that what’s to come through.


I’ve realize, for myself, that the past few years my sense of “New Year” has hit closer to February. It occurred to me the other day, after watching a quick video from Danielle Laporte, that my energy has been much more aligned to that of the Lunar New Year vs. an old, outdated one prescribed to us from the Gregorian calendar.


For instance, last year, I hit my stride February 5th … the Lunar New Year was February 1st. In 2021, I felt my energy awaken and full hit on February 8th … the Lunar New Year was February 12th.


Now, being that I don’t believe in coincidences, and that all happens with great intention, I’d say both of these hit pretty spot on.


Do you know the Lunar New Year for 2023 is January 22nd?

Hmmmm …


As I feel into what my body, mind, and soul all need … I deeply feel a sense of resonance with that, as that feels so much more aligned to me.


Space and grace to allow myself to easily move into the energy of a New Year.


So, I’ve decided I’m going ROGUE for 2023 in order to be aligned as fuck …


R - Reverence (extending deep respect and grace to myself & others)


O - Overflowing (in kindness, compassion, empathy, abundance & prosperity)


G - Gratitude (for everything … the good, bad & ugly; the blessings AND the lessons)


U - Unconditional Love (being generous in spirit, in my assumptions & my service)


E - Expression (the full, aligned AF, authentic expression of who I am in my truth)


ROGUE … being I’m going completely off-script and fully allowing myself to go against-the-grain. To step into whatever shows up as a resounding fuck YES, and to let go of anything that has me feeling a hell NO.

For the record … anything less than a full fuck YES for me, is a guaranteed hell NO.


What is your theme or word for the year?


As you can see … mine is ROGUE!


Cheers to going completely ROGUE, to ringing in the New Year (whenever you choose to call it in), and to staying aligned as fuck in 2023!


With deep love, respect & reverence,


- Candy


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