Pulling the Veil Back: What Lies Behind the Curtain and the Narrative We Tell Ourselves

by candy barone May 24, 2024

Sometimes it’s really hard to pull back the veil and let people see in. 

To see into the pain, the challenges, and the uncertainty.

It requires a level of vulnerability I personally am not comfortable with. 

I also know, on some level, that it’s in the sharing of our pain, our grief, our trial and tribulations, and in what seems overwhelming at times, that we are able to truly lean into connection and our own humanity.

It’s in our stories that we are able to connect. 

To really connect, and allow ourselves to be seen.

To see our truth illuminated back at us, along with our gifts and wounds.

You see, we live in a continual duality. 

One, where our deepest desire is to truly be seen … for who we are, in rawness of our hearts by at least one person. 

And, in the same breath, our greatest fear is if someone really sees us. 

For we fear that when they do, that they will see our perceived flaws, our scars, and our messiness; that somehow, we will not be enough. 

We fear that they will see our brokenness and where we lack.

It’s the perfect dichotomy.

“Please, please see me,” the heart cries. 

“Yet, please, please, don’t really see me,” it also whispers.

This inner tug-of-war between wanting to be seen and fearing really being seen is hard-wired into the way we are designed as humans according to our energetic makeup and wiring. 

In Human Design, you can clearly see how this duality of openness and resistance plays out in the conditioning we hold. There are five areas where conditioning resides in our energetic blueprint:

  • The openness within our chart, particularly our energy centers — these areas are where we take in and absorb energy of the people around us and the way in which the planets move in their transits.
  • Imprinting — this is a result of the messaging, programming and experience we gain from our parents and caretakers growing up.
  • Generational energy patterns — most people don’t realize that our Human Design comes from our grandparents, meaning we have certain themes and conditioning that is handed down as a part of our lineage. 
  • Genetics and epigenetics — a controversial topic for some, as this holds the belief that we come wired with certain coding within our DNA. As we decondition and heal our current narrative, we create a cellular integration and have the power to alter our genes or rewrite our coding.
  • Lived experiences — everything from our joys, to trial and tribulations, and trauma play a role in conditioning our beliefs and emotions.

I believe this is the biggest lesson in our individual and collective Soul Curriculum: to know that we are not broken … never were, never will be; and, to recognize ourselves in each other … that we are not separate. 

And, this is evident when exploring the individual nuances within each of our Human Design charts. There is a natural duality, or juxtaposition, that lives between our personality side and our design side. 

As we hold onto a belief that we are separate, thus creating even further resistance. We insist that no one knows our pain, no one can relate to our story, our experiences, our challenges. 

However, we forget the reality that there are also 8 Billion people on the planet, alongside us. And, isn’t it a bit arrogant to think that out of that massive population, that somehow, we are different … special, in fact?

While we all possess our own voice print, thumbprint, and Soul print in our individual nuances and gifts, at the core we are all the same. 

We come from the same cosmic fabric and energy. 

Because that is what we each represent: a thread in the fabric of the Cosmic blanket, or a unique piece of the overall puzzle. 

But, that thread or puzzle piece doesn’t exist in isolation. 

It’s part of a bigger network and landscape. One where only in coming together are we are we able to awaken and activate our highest calling. 

Our purpose is who we are. 

It’s not outside of us, yet it becomes fully energized in our relationships. It’s in our service to others, that we become whole and unified once again. 

So, unless we allow ourselves permission to crack our hearts open, stand naked in our own vulnerability, and let others see the real person behind the veil, we miss out on creating connected communities and accessing our greatest gifts and most compelling light. 

Our purpose, which seems to evade so many, is nothing more than the authentic expression of who you are and who you were meant to be. It’s in accessing our individual light and becoming the lighthouse for those that needs us, that we allow our truest gifts to manifest. 

For each of us is here to serve in some capacity. Our purpose is not something outside of us, but rather … it is us. 

It’s only when we allow the veil to be removed that we can let that light shine. As Brené Brown says: “have a soft (open) heart with a strong back.”

One of the ways we can neutralize this resistance and sense of duality is to stop looking at how we are wired as an either or equation, and embrace the notion that we are not separate and it’s an and all equation instead.

Living with that vulnerability takes courage.

It also is what allows us to unveil our authentic truth to the world.

When we peel back the layers and show up as we truly are, with our perceived imperfections, scars, and all, that’s when the real magic happens and our individual (and collective) light shines brightest. 

Our connections deepen. 

Our purpose and leadership voice awakens, activates and expands to serve those around us in a powerful and meaningful way.

The world doesn’t need us tightly holding onto our protective masks. 

It needs us to be the radiant lighthouses we are designed to be who aren’t afraid to crack ourselves wide open and illuminate the way for those we serve to walk a similar path, expressing the fullest version of who we are. 

The world needs you to be beautifully and fully you. 

So have the courage to remove your veil. 

Allow yourself to be truly seen. 

For in that vulnerability lies your greatest strength: the strength to live your most meaningful, purposeful life in service to others, creating powerful, lasting change and impact in the world, as a result.

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