Strategies to Destroy the NOISE - Part 5: The Limiting Effect of the "E"

by candy barone Apr 20, 2024

There are ways to call more abundance to you, and to make your dreams a reality more and more every day. But, first you need to address the limiting effect of the “E” in NOISE that is holding you back in big ways.

For the Excuses that Your Create and Perpetuate serve as an anchor to your higher purpose. It’s the ultimate upper limit you impose upon yourself. 

Your excuses become your personal glass ceiling.

And, your personal hell. The only thing truly holding you back is your own mindset and limiting beliefs. It’s the big BUT getting in your way. Whenever you think or tell yourself, “yeah, but,” you shortchange yourself. 

There will be times when you feel like you are indecisive and don’t know how to decide the right next step. Those are the opportunities when you simply need to make a decision. Being indecisive creates endless delay and ongoing frustration. Making excuses stalls your progress even further.

If you allow it to fester too long, it creates a vicious circle that breeds worry, anxiety, and greater opportunities for you to lament over days lost. 

Eliminate the excuses. Decide to do something, anything.

By deciding to do something, you create momentum and break through the barrier of fear. Sometimes half the battle is won by making a decision.

You always can change direction or make a different decision later, if you find the one you made no longer serves. But don’t allow yourself to become paralyzed in making a decision in the first place. A decision today does not have to be the same decision for tomorrow. 

Our excuses holds us back from making decisions. They feed a narrative that doesn’t serve us. And, the fuel comes from the fear we hold onto. 

So, let’s talk about the Excuses You Create and Perpetuate as the fifth installment of the Destroy the NOISE series.

Fear of Being Judged or Criticized

You are always being judged … so what? Most of what other people judge about you is a reflection of their own insecurities, they own fears, and lack of self-worth. For, it those who feel like they are not enough in some capacity that seek to find others less than them.

Anyone truly ahead of you is not judging you. 

They don’t have time for that, nor does that serve their greater mission and purpose. It’s those behind you that judge, criticize, and belittle. 

It’s a function of how someone feel about themselves. It stems from envy, jealousy, and being disconnected from one’s own truth. It has nothing to do with you, in all honesty. Absolutely nothing. 

For genuine feedback comes from a place of love and wanting you to grow into your full potential. Constructive feedback helps you see your both your gifts and your blind spots. Judgement and criticism is the opposite, as they come from a place of entitlement, fear, or a feeling of lack. 

Both are meant to shut someone down and transfer limiting ideas and beliefs (whether conscious or unconscious). 

Even if everyone is judging you, so what? If that’s the case, why not live life on your own terms. Because bending yourself into a constant pretzel for everyone else won’t get you anywhere, either. You can’t please them all. 

You might as well live your life in the way that makes you happy. 

Fear of Failure / Success

You will falter and make mistakes along the way. It’s inevitable, as it is the human condition. We all make mistakes. Failing is part of the process.

It’s what you choose to do with the those setbacks and how you react to them will ultimately dictate how successful you are in your quest. Accept that and release that. The more you anchor yourself by that fear, the more you remain stuck. Failing is nothing more than stretching your own current limitations. You will never know what you are capable of unless you stumble, fall, and learn how to pick yourself up. 

Our failures give us a reflection point to see what’s holding us back, what’s getting in our way, and what’s limiting our thinking. It shows you where there’s a gap.Failing is a gift that allows you to try something different.

As we know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting to get a different result. In failing, we are forced to try a different approach, to reset our thinking, to learn from what didn’t work.

Failing, however, is not a reflection of who you are as a person. It’s not a reflection of your worth. 

It’s a function of stretching yourself outside of what you currently know. It’s about the work, the step, the attempt. It’s about being brave enough to try.

Wasting countless hours berating yourself will not create a more abundant future. Internalizing the failure as a reflection of self will only perpetuate more negativity and fear. Release the urge to beat yourself down, to validate the fears that have held you back in the first place. 

Be grateful for the experience and the learning opportunity. 

Understand how and where you can pay those lessons forward to others, and for yourself. Keep the vision in sight and remember the compelling “why” you defined when the roadblocks and hurdles present themselves. 

I would also offer that, more times than not, we fear success far more than we actually fear failure. Because with greater success comes greater responsbility. And, in the entitled culture we live and operate in, the idea of taking more responsiblity can be extremely daunting. 

For it means putting ourselves into the arena more often. It means stepping outside of our comfort zone. It means having the courage to take big, bold, inspired action. And, it means taking ownership for what we think, say, and do, as a function of those choices. It’s the ultimate sign of leadership.

Fear of Being Rejected

The almighty “no” — we fear this on so many levels. We hold ourselves back from asking for what we want, because we are afraid to hear the word “no.”

What if we flipped the script.

Consider this: we already start at “no.” Meaning it’s a no before we even begin. So, in essence, we lose nothing. But, if we change the way we look at the ask, we realize we can gain one of three things instead:

#1: Confirmation of the “No”

This is such a gift. When we are clear about who and what are not meant for us, we stop wasting endless time, money, focus, energy, and resources. We are free to find the things that truly are aligned for us. 

#2: We Access Our “Yes”

Very rarely do you get a “yes” without asking. So, when we realize there is nothing to lose, because we start at “no,” we make the ask. When we do, we often find a “yes” waiting on the other side. 

#3: We Don’t Know Our Full Potential

As I tell my audience every time I close a presentation or training: “You don’t know who, you don’t know how, and you don’t know to what level you can affect, influence, or impact change for someone else until you are willing to show up.” Showing up means being willing to ask the question. 

Think about it, have you ever had a moment where you didn’t even know you wanted or needed something until someone asked you. In that instance, as soon as they made the ask, you felt the alignment and a full body “yes” … that’s the power of the ask. 

Strategies to Destroy the NOISE

Now, that we understand the big excuses getting in your way (there are also others, but I find these are the big three), let’s explore some strategies to help you take your power back.

Strategy #1: Ask Yourself Whether You’re Playing Small

Of course, if you have to ask yourself this question, you already know the answer … right? Because when we are playing full out, aligned AF, we never have to stop and check in to see whether we are playing small. We are just in the zone, playing our game, and in full flow. 

However, when we find ourselves questioning how we are showing up., we already know we are holding ourselves back. I offer that there are three additional questions you need to ask yourself when that happens:

  • Who am I not serving right now?
  • Whose permission am I taking away?
  • Who am I not shining their light?

These questions seek to activate our sense of purpose and desire to serve others. It pulls us out of victim consciousness and energy, and propels us back into a leadership position. It’s in feeling the magnitude of these questions that we often are able to rise up. 

Strategy #2: Addressing the Fear of Failure & Success

Know that you are stronger than the trials and tribulations you have experienced in your life. Trust that you are only given what you truly can handle, even if you can’t see the end in sight. 

Remember, it’s not about climbing the entire staircase at once, but about taking the first step, then the next, and the next one after that. 

Before long, you will look down and realize you climbed halfway to the top!

Celebrate the climb during the climb, too.

Know that the process will require work, but that change can begin to happen immediately. Change your perspective and change will happen. 

Though there are no shortcuts in creating the life you want, and you will need to do the work to bring the things you desire most forward in your life, all of this is possible and attainable. You will need to be present and aware of the choices you make. Again, you are responsible.

Strategy #3: Whatever We Put In, We Get Back

You don;’t know your full capability, capacity or potential unless you are willing to go big enough to fall flat on your face. We need to be willing to show up and play full out in the arena. 

For, more times than not, we find pathways open to show us what we’re truyl made of and how much we can actually accomplish. We are so more more than we tend to give ourselves credit for. We are pure magic, and can manifest on higher levels. We simple need to believe it’s possible and align ourselves energetically to open up how. 


The excuses we create and perpetuate, the fears we cling onto, and the limiting beliefs we’ve allowed to take root create NOISE in our lives and keep us from stepping fully into our potential, creativity, and magic.

You see, the only thing truly holding you back is your own mindset and your own self-imposed glass ceilings. It’s time to shatter those limits, to silence the excuses, and to transform your relationship with failure, success, judgment, and rejection.

Imagine a life where you aren’t paralyzed by the fear of what could go wrong, but energized by the infinite possibilities available to you. Where you don’t shrink from criticism, but let it fuel your evolution. Where “no” isn’t a deterrent, but an invitation to change someone’s perspective.

That you recognize and trust that life is available to you now. You don’t need to prove yourself, or find validation from others. All you need to do is make the choice to stop playing small, to quit justifying your circumstances, and to rise up as the sovereign co-creator of your destiny that you are.

So make the decision. It all comes down to what you choose. 

Develop the habit of questioning everything, including what you think, and challenge whether your excuses are serving you. Act powerfully despite the fear of failure or success. Be bold in your asks, and remain undeterred by potential rejection. Show up fully, in your power, and in your truth.

You are unlimited potential waiting to be unleashed. 

Destroy the NOISE that has been holding you hostage, and step into the radiant, full expression of who you are and how you are here to serve.

The path is clear. Your passion is limitless. Your purpose is calling. 

Will you heed the call and claim your greatness?

Grab your free copy of 13 Strategies to Destroy the NOISE here, along with my free guide: How to Recognize, Reframe, and Rise Above Imposter Syndrome to provide additional tools to effectively Destroy the NOISE.


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