Your Leadership Language Consists of Two Distinctive Voices

by candy barone Feb 26, 2024

When it comes to your leadership language and the power you have to share your message with the world, there exists a distinctive symphony composed of two separate voices from which you communicate.

These voices, known as your Soul Voice and your Functional Voice, play a pivotal role in defining your unique leadership (love) language and guiding you towards your highest level of service.

And, when we explore the two voices that live within each of us, we better understand how to bring our leadership further into alignment. We are equipped to let our leadership language activate and inspire the world.

The Soul Voice: A Call from Within

Your Soul Voice resonates from the depths of your being, echoing the very essence of what you are called to give to the world. It is the voice of passion, purpose, and compelling why that lights up your core. 

Imagine it as the internal compass, or your due north, that directs you towards what truly matters, reflecting your deepest values and desires.

This voice speaks to your unique contribution to the world, embodying the things that ignite a profound sense of fulfillment within you. It’s the beacon that draws you towards your purpose, casting a light on the path you are meant to pave. Your Soul Voice is the unwavering source that fuels your journey, inspiring you to reach new heights in your leadership.

Your Soul Voice is not merely a whim or fleeting thing; it’s the resonance of your authentic self. To truly understand it, you must take time and care to listen to the whisper calling from within, delve deep into your passions, uncover your core values and standards of integrity, and identify the opportunities that light a fire within the essence of who you are. 

It’s the driving force that sustains you through life’s challenges and propels you towards greater growth. As a transformational leader, connecting with your Soul Voice empowers you to lead with authenticity to truly inspire, influence, and impact those you are meant to serve.

The Functional Voice: Your Energetic Coding

In contrast, the Functional Voice serves as the tangible language and framework through which your Soul Voice is transmitted to the world. It is the intricate coding embedded within your own Human Design, particularly found in the definition within the Gates in your chart. 

These Gates, align with their Planetary Aspects, unveil the specific energetic blueprint that shapes the way you communicate with others, offering insights into the nuances of how you interact with the world.

Think of your Functional Voice as the written script of your Soul Voice, providing the words and expressions that convey your unique message and help inspire and activate others to take meaningful action. 

It acts as the vehicle that brings your passion, purpose, and compelling why into manifestation. Just as a lighthouse emits a distinct signal to guide ships seeking safe harbor, your Functional Voice directs those in search of what you specifically have to offer. It also deters those not meant for you.

This voice is not just about what you say but how you say it. It encompasses your tone, style, and even the medium through which you convey your message. Understanding your Functional Voice involves a deep exploration of your Human Design, recognizing the specific Gates and Planetary Aspects that influence your leadership expression and language. 

It’s like deciphering the intricate notes of a musical score that, when played harmoniously, create a masterpiece all your own.

Aligning the Voices: The Symbiotic Relationship

The magic happens when these two voices, the Soul Voice and the Functional Voice, join forces in perfect alignment and harmony with each other. Your leadership language, expressed through this harmonious blend, becomes your compelling love letter for those who seek your guidance. 

Imagine your leadership as a symphony — the Soul Voice as the melody and the Functional Voice as the orchestration. When in sync, they create a signature sound that resonates with authenticity, integrity, and clarity. 

The Soul Voice, with its passion and purpose, finds it’s eloquent expression through the Functional Voice, thus creating a deep, connected resonance that captivates, activates, and truly serves others.

Bringing these voices into alignment is where the true alchemy of leadership occurs. Picture it as a dance where your Soul Voice takes the lead, and your Functional Voice follows in a complementary rhythm. There are days when the dance is more of a ballroom dance, fluid and in perfect sync. Ohter days, it may feel more like a cha-cha or salsa, all fiery and passionate, igniting the energy of others around you. 

When your Soul Voice and Functional Voice are in harmony, your communication becomes a magnetic force. It captivates and resonates with others, drawing them towards your vision and purpose. This alignment doesn’t just amplify your influence; it also creates a profound connection with those you lead. It’s the difference between speaking a generic, watered-down message and communicating a deeply compelling narrative that leaves a lasting impact on those it touches.

For, it is only truly in this alignment that your leadership language becomes a clear, powerful, resonant force, capable of inspiring, influencing, and impacting those you are destined to serve.

Activating Your Highest Leadership Potential

Activating your highest level of leadership involves a continuous process of introspection and refinement. Recognizing and embracing the interplay between your Soul Voice and Functional Voice is the key to unlocking your highest level of leadership and service.

Leadership, at its core, is about inspiring, influencing, and impacting others positively. Your Soul Voice provides the passion, purpose, and why, while your Functional Voice serves as the vehicle for effective communication and transmission. Together, they form a powerful partnership that propels you towards your highest leadership potential.

So, let your Soul Voice be the guiding star, and allow your Functional Voice to be the vessel that carries your unique message to those who are eagerly seeking the light you bring. In the merging of these two voices lies the true essence of leadership, where passion meets expression, purpose meets communication, and impact meets inspiration.

Wayne Dyer once said: “Don’t die with your music still inside you.” — I urge you to heed those words. Stop waiting to show up. Stop holding yourself back and playing small. Now, is the time to activate and amplify your voice.

Shine your light and be a lighthouse … the world seeks your message. 

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