Do You Recognize a "Perfect" Moment?

you empowered strong Jan 14, 2019
How often does a truly perfect moment occur? Have you experienced one recently? What makes a moment "perfect" anyway? Would you even notice one if it appeared?

Well, I just had one this morning ... and, it was absolutely beautiful!

I got up early this morning (well before sunrise), full of inspiration on the exciting new projects I am working on. I took Payton (my awesome dog) out as I always do, despite the unusual chilly temps lingering in the Austin morning, and we both agreed it was much to cold for a walk. So, as we came back into the house, and I prepared to get ready for my day, a brand new Monday, Payton jumped up on my bed and cuddled up on some of the blankets, as he does often.
I look at him adoringly, as I often do when he's all curled up like that (I mean, he's pretty damn cute ... isn't he?), and then I decided to take just a quick moment to snuggle up next to him. Just for a minute I told myself. I climbed up on the bed next to him and he instantly curled up into me (a rarity) and went to sleep. ‚Äč
My head buzzed with all the things I wanted and needed to be doing to jumpstart my week, to unleash the inspiration brewing within me ... and, instead, I chose to pause.

Pause. Breathe. Relax. Enjoy. Marvel.

And, that's exactly what I did. I took in the fullness of the moment. I allowed myself to be truly present and take this precious moment in. I inhaled his sweet puppy smell, I listened to his sweet little puppy snores, and I felt the presence of the warmth of his sweet little body pressed so gently against me, his head nestled under my chin. 

We stayed liked that for about 2 hours, where we napped and just created a little space for the two of us. It was truly a perfect moment.
And, I am so glad I didn't let the "busy" stop me from enjoying every minute of it. I'm glad I didn't let a moment like this pass me by.

It might sound weird, I get it. I mean, it's just my dog ... right? 

I mean, isn't that what we tell ourselves when moments like these happen?
  • It's just ... this or that.
  • I'm making more out of this moment than I should ...
  • I really have things to do ...
  • People will think I am crazy ...

Yes, and who cares! So what?

Every time you let one of these types of filters get in your way, you are missing the opportunity to embrace those perfect moments. Those moments that fill your heart and soul, that shut the craziness out for 5 minutes and allow you to just be.

We get so caught up in our "should-ing" all over ourselves, what everyone else might think, running around with our hair on fire, going from one thing to the next ... that we are missing the little moments. The perfect moments to connect, to be still, to breathe.

Connection happens on multiple levels:
  • 1) connection to yourself
  • 2) connection to others
  • 3) connection to God
  • 4) connection to life ... and
  • 5) connection to every living, breathing, beautiful piece of God's work
                (and, that includes my precious Payton). 

So, STOP! 

Pause. Breathe. Relax. Enjoy. Marvel.

Take a moment to enjoy the perfection of life instead of focusing on all that's "broken" or wrong with the world. Suspend time (even if only for a minute) and fully be present in the moment, a perfect moment, and surrender to something bigger than yourself. 

For it's the little moments, those rare, yet beautiful perfect moments that make life so much more ... and, that truly feed the soul!

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