Grab the Paddles … Because It Seems Hope Is Flatlining

by candy barone Dec 01, 2023

There is prevalent energy running rampant in our culture right now. Too many people are focused on what we are lacking, thus holding onto a deep scarcity mindset. Whether it be in the assessing the economy right now or the state of the world, there is this collective notion of despair.

Add to that, the general feelings around systems, our politics, education, and the quality of our relationships. We are convinced that everyone is in it for themselves and that we are suffocating in the energy of entitlement and imbalanced power. 

With that comes idea that nothing will get better, that we are doomed, and that everything happening is out of our hands. We live in a constant state of “what if” and are constantly waiting for the “other shoe to drop.”

There is a collective sense of hopelessness.


I would go as far as to say that hope is actually flatlining. 

Hope is a word, or idea, that most would balk at. It’s just another new age, woo woo, toxic positivity frame, right? Only those who are delusional or far removed from reality really believe in hope. Isn’t that what we tell ourselves? Or, maybe we think only the “lucky ones” (whatever that means) have the luxury to hold onto the notion of hope?

When I think about the meaning of hope, I feel it’s part of the solution. For me, hope is an extraction of love and gratitude. It’s the knowing that we are fully supported and that we all are connected to something bigger than ourselves. It’s birthed in the energy of surrender and faith. 

Hope is an expectation steeped in confidence. It’s the fundamental belief that what goes down must also come back up, that life itself is resilient, and is a series of experiences happening for us, not to us.

It’s trust in our own worth and in the divinity of the Universe. 

Hope seeks to maintain that there are also alternate possibilities to every perceived reality. It holds that the Universe is limitless and we have access to an infinite realm of potential as a truth and deep knowing. 

I think the underlying meaning of HOPE can be summarized in an acronym I created, as I truly feel HOPE is the:

  • H — Highest
  • O — Order (of)
  • P — Potential
  • E — Evolution


Somehow, however, we have gotten lost and off course. 

We have gotten stuck being focused on the wrong things. We have let fear take over. And, we have bought into a narrative that doesn’t serve us. It keeps us small and limited, and it has us forgetting who we truly are. 

We’ve allowed ourselves to get sucked into the idea of lack, and not being enough. We have forgotten our own personal power. 

As such, we fall prey to the idea of competition, thus believing we are less than another. We have lost site of our unity and connection as One. We stay small and sink into victim consciousness. We lose our ability to create and innovate. And, we forget our own humanity in the process.

Just look at how we market and sell our products and services to each other. We are taught to amplify others’ pain points, to pour salt into their open wounds, and exasperate their fears. Almost everything we see around us is a function of our fears, not our hopes and dreams. 

Maybe it’s just me, but I find all that energy icky and gross. 

We spend the majority of our time provoking and antagonizing others people’s fears, their wounds and trauma, and their insecurities. We twist and turn into the energy that makes them sit further into their pain. 

This is how we communicate and sell, continuing to make people feel like they are less and not enough … to feel like shit constantly. 

Think about what we are doing to each other. Why would we ever think this would be an effective or expansive way to live our lives. Because, the truth is … it’s not. Nor, are we really living our lives, we are coexisting and moving between one form of survival to the next. 

We don’t create space to truly thrive, as a result. Nor, do we ever tap into the infinite realm of potential and possibilities available to us. 

Personally, I’m over it. How about you?


I don’t want to play this bullshit game anymore. 

I want to tap into something more meaningful, and more deeply fulfilling. Imagine if instead of marketing and selling to people’s pain points, we talked about their hopes and dreams. Imagine if we invited people into purposeful, connected spaces where they felt safe to dream bigger. 

Hope has been flatlining for sometime. It’s time we found the paddles to revive and restore our faith once again. 

Let’s reframe and rewrite the narrative, shall we? Let’s shine a light on what’s possible, the expansion of how we get to show up, the abundance of what we can access, and how we can lead our Living Legacies. 

We can start by talking to people about their dreams, the big dreams. Help each other remember who we are, and to find the paths that take us back home to ourselves. 

Imagine if we algined our marketing, sales, and communications around the expansion of living your best life, leading from a place of love, with love, and showing up in the fullest expression of who we each are. 

Wouldn’t you want to offer and sell your products and services more in that capacity? Think about the fact that sales is nothing more than your love letter to those who need and want what you have to offer so that they can access more of life, not less. 

It shouldn’t come from a place of shaming and shoulding all over people. 

Marketing is just the way your love letter gets there. It’s the path for how your letter travels. And, when we let hope guide us, that pathway is simple and those who are meant to receive the letter will. 


Hope is our pathway forward, not fear. 

Hope reminds us of our humanity, and illustrates our collective experience we get to share in this life together. It takes nothing away from anyone else, as it actually amplifies abundance. Hope gives us breath to share our gifts and to own our unique piece of the Cosmic puzzle.

Hope creates the space that allows us to envision and imagine a better future. It’s provides the spark that ignites creativity and innovation. 

Hope draws the energy of fulfillment and peace to us. As hope, along with gratitude, is the ultimate magnet and law of attraction factor we can activate to bring more goodness, richness, and wonder into our lives. 

Hope has been proven to increase our levels of happiness and the overall quality of our life and our relationships. Where we have been separated and polarized, hope unites us, connects us, and binds us together.

Hope floats, and becomes the rising tide that lifts all boats. 

Hope really is the answer and can be the energy that cures all, as it is an expression of love, and ultimately is the pathway forward. 

Hope is the will AND the way.

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