How I Learned to Say YES to Myself

by candy barone Nov 02, 2020

I spent years trying to be what everyone thought I should be ... in fact, I lived a good portion of my life trying to fit into a certain box, trying to be something I wasn't.

That is ... until I hit rock bottom. 

I was successful. I was living the corporate dream and climbing the ladder to MORE ... more recognition, more achievements, more money, more accolades ... more, more, more.

I was working 80-100 hours a week, every week, and sleeping with my “crackberry” at the time. Do you remember those? They were those awkward devices many of us were attached to before flip phones and smart phones. And, mine ... well, it controlled my life.

I actually used to sleep with it on the other pillow in my bed. Nothing like sharing a queen-sized bed with your stupid phone. Yet, that was my reality. I was so amped up and fearful that I would miss a call from work, that I wouldn't be able to help my reps close a deal, that something (anything) would fall through the cracks. 

I was scared shitless that I would less than perfect.

Ah, there's that word: perfect ... why is it we hold this ridiculous notion of something that's not possible as a measure of success?

Why is it that we think we are less than perfect to begin with?

Back then, I was filled with overwhelm, anxiety and stress ... trying to be whatever I thought perfect was. In ran my life to the point where it actually leveled me.

I ended up in the hospital.

I was pretty convinced I was having a heart attack at the age of 35 ... I had this debilitating pain in the middle of my chest that got bigger, and bigger, and bigger ... to the point where I found it difficult to breathe.

As it turns out, I literally manifested a mass in the middle my chest that ended up tripping a sliding hiatal hernia I didn’t even know I had.

It was my breaking point.

It was a huge wake-up call, and I realized that I needed to make a major shift. It was the first time I stopped to really look at myself in the mirror, to see the truth behind my eyes and to acknowledged what I was doing to myself and to my life.

For that was the first moment I truly learned to say YES to myself. Once I could that, I began to implement the strategies to destroy the NOISE getting in my way.

I started to truly LIVE my life on my terms!

That was twelve years ago. Twelve years ago when I crashed so hard I hit rock bottom. When the wheels finally came off and I took real inventory of my life.

Through that process, I realized I wanted MORE ... more peace, more grace, more joy, more memories, and more love in my life. 

I wanted more ME!

I ultimately walked away from the corporate life five years after that incident and allowed myself to fully move into a space to serve others purposefully and passionately at a higher level. 

I now get to live this life that lights me up.

A life of meaning, a life of service, a life of impact and influence, a life I cherish, and a life of deep fulfillment.

And, that is the wish I have for ...

As I watch so many others going through life the same way I did, numb, stuck, overwhelmed, checked out ... I want to reach out and pull people back before they hit the edge like I did.

Because of this I have created the YES Community. YES being You Empowered Strong. A space to provide YOU will a new way to look at your life, to really see yourself and to stop playing small. To help you connect to what matters most for YOU!

To help you truly say YES to yourself! 

Now, is the time to take reclaim your personal power, to stop letting all the should-ing hold you back, to stop playing small, to give you wings for you to take flight, to step into the gifts and purpose you were given, and to help you serve at your highest level.

What will your living legacy be? What impact will you create? How big do you dare to dream? Are you ready to finally say YES to yourself?

For, YOU, are a lighthouse ... meant to shine for those who need you.

As always, it is my honor to serve you.

- Candy

If you are interested in learning how to truly say YES to yourself and access exactly what you need to help you level up, then check out my YES Monthly Community

In this community, I go LIVE four times a month to provide training and coaching, along with strategies you can implement and integrate. Plus, we have a robust portal of amazing resources and tools designed just for you and a private online community to support you further. 

We look forward to having you join us!



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