Learning How to Be More Gentle with Ourselves, Especially in the Midst of Big Energy Moving Around Us

by candy barone Apr 24, 2024

You may be experiencing some big, intense (and, likely emotional) energy moving right now as the Scorpio Pink Full Moon passed through last night. 

Add that to the eclipse season coming to completion, the conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus that passed through over the weekend, and the homestretch of Mercury Retrograde (which thankfully ends tomorrow … of course, there is still a shadow period to deal with).

Needless to say, April has been one freakin’ intense-ass month. It’s been dense and heavy, fiery during our Aries cycle, and now finally a bit more expansive and grounded as we step fully into Taurus season. 

Wowza! Whew, I don’t know about you, but I feel like I need to hit the pause button and catch my breath for a moment. 

And, the exclamation point to all that crazy energy is the current full moon bringing it’s powerful, intense energy to the scene. Such is Scorpio’s way. 

This luminous event is calling for gentleness and forgiveness. 

There’s a lot showing up for us to release right now: past patterns, relationships (or narratives for old relationships that didn’t serve or aren’t serving us now). It’s a watery sign asking for us to be with all our feelings right now, so we can purse and release what needs to be freed from us.

It’s also asking for us to look at areas in our lives where we need more forgiveness … either for others, or for ourselves.

So, be gentle with your heart and soul today and the next few days. 

Me, personally, I’m currently in my jammies as I write this, curled up on the couch, watching a little NCIS, doing “slow work” today.

I’m letting the tears flow as they need to, and simply allowing the release and cathartic cleansing to occur naturally and easily.

So, how about you? Are you feeling the intensity of the energy moving? Are you creating pause to slow down and offer yourself some gentleness?

Where do you need to offer forgiveness? With others? For yourself?

Here are some ways that you might choose to slow down, create more gentleness and offer practice greater forgiveness:

  • Gentle movement: Engage in activities like yoga, stretching, or going for a mindful walk in nature. Allow yourself to move your body in a way that feels nurturing rather than punishing.
  • Restorative practices: Leverage tools such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, or soaking in an Epsom salt bath (you might add essentials oils). The objective being to create pockets of stillness.
  • Rest & renewal: Opt to allow yourself a comfy, snuggle day where you binge on some mindless TV, nap, and just allow yourself to simply be. 
  • Nourish your body: Feed your body with good, wholesome, comfort food that feels healthy and good to your body. You might consider some lights bites, or even some root vegetables to help ground you.
  • Forgiveness & release: Let go of any anger or resentment you might be holding onto. Write them a letter expressing your feelings, even if you don’t send it. This includes any forgiveness you need for yourself. 

During this intense Scorpio Full Moon phase, make a conscious choice to slow down, go inward, and treat yourself with exceptional gentleness.

This energy is calling for you to embrace forgiveness as a pathway to greater emotional freedom and to create more expansion. We need to release that which is holding us back in order to make room for the new. 

Listen to your body and take the actions that feel aligned. It is only through compassion that we can process the potent energies swirling and emerge recharged, refreshed, rejuvenated. 

It might just mean some couch time, like me. 


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