Leadership Is a Choice!

you empowered strong Feb 08, 2016

As we all still are recovering from Super Bowl Sunday, both the game (congratulations to the Denver Broncos) and the commercials (were you are disappointed as I was that Budweiser didn't have a puppy commercial? What was up with that???), I wanted to take a minute to shine a light on the power of leadership, and how it shows up on the field (in...

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Need a Do-Over?

by candy barone Jan 31, 2016

"Decided my 2016 starts again on February 1st ... this was a trial month"

I saw a great quote today on Facebook that inspired my desire to write this particular blog. You see, too many times already I have heard you grumbling about how quickly January flew by, and that you still feel like you are trying to catch their breath and get over the...

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