The Alphabet Soup of Human Design: A Simple Way to Better Understand the "Flavors" of Each Line

by candy barone Jul 11, 2024

When it comes to Human Design, let’s face it … there’s no shortage of information. You can start down one path and finds yourself going to a never-ending quest of various rabbit holes, one after another. 

In doing this work now over the last six years, I am no rookie when it comes to rabbit-hole diving in the...

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A Century of Progress: From My Great-Grandmother's Legacy to the Cubs' First All-Female Broadcast

by candy barone Jul 09, 2024

This past Sunday, July 7th, a notable mark in sports history (or should I say … her-story) was made as the Chicago Cubs had their first-ever, all-female live broadcast.

“Why is this significant?” you might ask.

Baseball Is in My Blood

Well, as the great-granddaughter of the first woman to ever own an MLB team, this...

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Shine Baby, Shine: Even If the Brightness of Your Light Blinds Them

by candy barone Jun 22, 2024

Ever been told to “dial it down” or to “bring it down a notch”?

Or, worse … that you were “too much”?

I grew up hearing these phrases and more. From the time I could speak, I was given a consistent message that I was “too much” and, that, somehow, I seriously needed to dial it all...

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Ducks in a Row … Please, Mine Aren't Even in the Same Pond, and I Think One Might Be a Flamingo

by candy barone Jun 21, 2024

We live under the notion that somehow we need to get all our ducks in a row before we can take massive action. 

I’m curious, what ducks?

The idea of waiting until everything is just so … or, that somehow I have to wrangle in these ducks and get them all in a row … sounds like a lot of work, and a pathway for...

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Rewriting the Narrative: Giving Your Pain Purpose

by candy barone Jun 19, 2024

I used to think that sharing my pain made me a victim. From an early age, I protected myself and shielding the challenges away from others. 

Regardless of the turmoil often going on at home, the emotional, mental, and at times physical abuse at from my father, or when I felt lost, alone and as if the world was against me.

I kept in all...

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Trust Me … I Will Always Choose the Bear

by candy barone Jun 17, 2024

So, recently there was a question posed on social media that went viral: 

“Would you rather be alone in the woods with a man or a bear?”

The responses nearly broke the internet, as men were in an uproar to realize that for most women their answer would be emphatically: the bear.

I have to say, in light of recent events and...

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Father's Day: Learning to Heal and Honor the Role My Dad Played in My Life

by candy barone Jun 16, 2024

Father’s Day celebrates the unbreakable bond between a father and his children, honoring the guiding presence and unwavering support of a paternal figure.

However, for some, including myself, this day is heavy with complex emotions, reminding us more of absence than presence, and of relationships fractured or lost.

For me,...

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Changing My Tune: How My Initial Assumptions Were Completely Wrong

by candy barone Jun 15, 2024

Have you ever dismissed something at first glance, only to later discover that you were dead wrong? 

You know, where you walked away from something or someone and then actually realized that you almost missed a diamond in the rough?

That was me with Jelly Roll’s music. 

When I first saw his performance at the CMA Awards, I...

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Making the Study & Exploration of Human Design a Little Easier

by candy barone Jun 12, 2024

When it comes to studying Human Design, let’s be honest … it can get pretty overwhelming rather quickly.

There is no lack of random rabbit holes and information you can explore.

Once you jump down one rabbit hole, you quickly find yourself lost in a sea of endless information, figures, nuances, and layers. Before you...

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Create Better Harmony in ALL Your Relationships with Human Design

by candy barone May 27, 2024

Have you ever thought you communicated something well only to be met with blank stares or the sounds of crickets?

Or worse, massive resistance.

You were intentional and took care to be deliberate about the words you chose, the way in which you delivered the message, and even monitored your tone and body language. 

Yet, somehow, your...

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